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Welcome to Pretty Ensembles!

My name is Alyssa, I live in Toronto, and I love romantic walks to the fridge. Ha, besides that,
I'm always looking for inspiration and for a place to express my creativity... So after much thought, Pretty Ensembles came to life.

I would like to call this an online scrapbook of some sort. A place for me to share the things I love and are influenced by. Hopefully by stumbling on here, in some way, you'll get inspired too. So here it is! It will be filled with all sorts of style musings, favourites, beauty bits, and my outfits. Hope you like what you see and thanks for dropping by!

Disclaimer: Everything on the blog is created by me, unless stated otherwise! I always credit and link back to the stuff that doesn't belong to me in each post and all that. All reviews/opinions are all my own.

Please don't take photos and content without my permission. You can view my Contact page on ways to ask me and contact me! Thank you so much!