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Mood Board: A Very Chic Summer with Neon Island

From Neon Island's latest look book Dolce Dia

As we are now slowly experiencing warmer weather, I think it's safe to say how much I'm glad for the new change. In this case, it means more reason to wear my pretty prints I've been waiting to try, and of course wear more colours. 

It's quite clear how much the Winter can dampen my mood and because of that, I lack the inspiration.

 But wait, what's this? A new blog post? A new mood board? With SUMMER in the title? Say it isn't so! Here's another post of me sharing my love for the label, Neon Island, despite not having owning anything, because it's based in the Philippines, but I have talked about Neon Island before on the blog though! I just love it a lot.

All photos showcased all belong to Neon Island, originals are found on their Instagram & The Dolce Dia lookbook
Neon Island, which I briefly mentioned in a much earlier blog post here, is a label I love more and more. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it immediately calls for Summer. What more could you ever want? All pieces are hand drawn and are made in the Philippines which increases my love as I love how the creative process goes.
They've recently launched a new look book called Dolce Dia with brand new pieces, and in the days after, they've been showcasing these new pieces on their Instagram feed.  I loved it so much that I literally commented, "I need to make a mood board with your photos/pieces. It's such Summer goals." To which they replied, "Aw, we'd love that!" 

So this is why we're here.

I absolutely love everything they've showcased thus far. I love the colours used and the prints that go with them. There's something charming with each print in the collection. I love how each bathing suit/piece has its own trait or personality catered for what look you want to go for.

 I love me a good print to wear. And what better way to wear prints than on the beach? Soaking up the sun? Basking in the fresh air?

Here's my mood board for a time that calls for that tropical getaway we've all fantasized at some point. If I were to go on a beautiful vacation, this mood board would take me there.

Again, all of the photos featured are from Neon Island's Instagram and through their look book! If you are too longing for that sunshine, I hope this helped just a tiny bit by inspiring you as much as it does for me.

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