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What I'm Loving #14: More Beauty Favourites

Finally back at it again with the favourites I've been loving for a long time. I've purchased and used a lot and I narrowed it down to some more (I know, more?!) beauty products because I really like these and they're just fun to showcase. Right? 

I love this palette. So, so, so much! It's been out of stock the longest time both online and in-store, so the moment I saw there were plenty at on location I grabbed one and I have no regrets.

It seemed to be on everyone's radar when it first made it's debut also would obviously explain the reason why it was always sold out. The colours are so pigmented and super creamy making it so easy to blend! And I just love the range of shades too. All in the same family, but can be interpreted in different ways. I'm someone who is always into the warmer tones, and if you're into that, this is a great every day palette. What also is different and makes it unique are also the range of the pink-red tones as well. The only thing is that there is a bit of fall out when you dip your brush into the shades. But if you're careful enough, you'll get used to it.
This was a bit of a impulse cringed buy because haha, that price tag though. But! I don't regret it one bit because this has been my go-to blush every single day and for what it's worth, it's such a huge compact that hold a lot of powder versus most blush products. It's a nice nude with a hint of shimmery glow goodness that is perfect for every day because it can go with any eye look and lip shade. Sometimes I don't even need to put bronzer or even contour as much because this fills the void for all three steps! It's a dark enough shade that I can use that makes me not really have to use bronzer, so it makes getting ready a bit more faster! I'm actually thinking of buying another shade/colour of blush from this line as well. So nice.

I got this as a Christmas gift and it was something I mentioned because I had finished my the original version of the Versace Bright Crystal (I talk about my favourite perfumes in the past here! In case you missed it!) This one is the same as it's pretty, fresh, and light? But it holds a bit of as musk that isn't so powerful. I'm really into it and I've actually gotten people asking what scent I've used in while I wear this, so, pretty good if you asked me.

Josie Maran Argan Oil:
Oils of all kind? Is that weird to say? Have been a little staple in my beauty regimine. I love cleansing oil and I also love using this as a moisturizer when I finish cleaning of my face. With just one or two drops, I'm able to nourish my face well. It's super light (I find) and there's no scent whatsoever. It's also super useful to treat my split ends and my nails. It's a real versatile, multifunctional product which is why I love it so much.

It's a short but hopefully a sweet one at that. I'm trying not to spend as much, but also really use such products to get its money's worth! I hope you guys have a wonderful day! Until next time! 

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