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Jacket: Zara / Blouse: Zara / Jeans: Top Shop / Boots: Kendall & Kylie 
Photos: Rachel Duavis

My last post was titled 'Better Late Than Ever' and now with this post, I pretty much wanted to title the same thing. Because haaaa, it's been a month since the last post but hey, I'm still here right? 

I say the same things but from the beginning, but I found blogging to be a release for me, for a place to set my creative juices out. It's been difficult for me to explain why it's been at a much slower pace, but I've just been struggling with the concept of figuring things out. Figuring out life in general. It sucks that my mind is in such a place where I feel quite lazy, underwhelmed and let's face it, discouraged. That's where I feel disappointment but it also motivates me to just keep doing it because it's fun. 

So here I am.

I said it in the last post too, that during the Winter time, it's also just a tad difficult to do things when I'm in such a state of mind. 

However, having said that, it's already the middle of January, but the weather when these were shot, it was quite warmer than the usual crazy negative degree weather we've faced earlier. Also, it hasn't been crazily snowing so I was able to get away with what seems to look like a fall-look. 

Which we all know, is my favourite season in dressing. Always. It's a casual outfit but the jacket adds a nice pop of a statement which is always my go-to. 

Anyways, I've said enough, and would like to wish you a belated Happy New Year! And hope that 2017 is good to us all. 

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