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Better Late Than Never

Jacket: Zara / Floral Slip: Californa Moonrise / Turtleneck: Highline Collective / Boots: Kendall & Kylie 
Photos: Mary Parayno

It's always usually by this time of year where I tend to slack off in the blog department simply because during this time, I'm definitely in hibernating mode. It's colder, it gets dark earlier and it's that time where I just tend to stay mellow. Because of that kind of mood the Winter season brings (minus Christmas brings! I love Christmas!), I lack inspiration and it's hard to document things when  factors like that come into play for me. 

And when that happens, this blog tends to get pretty quiet on all levels. To which, I know, I suck.
But this time around, I have something! My wonderful darling of a friend Mary (my partner in crime and one half of the dream team) is always up for photo shenanigans as much as I am and we did this shoot where it was actually really windy and cold. There were tons of shots of me with my hair in my face (a few included here, haha) so it's pretty obvious the wind wasn't in our favour. Luckily we're used to it and were able to get good shots before the sun got down.

The usual effortless outfit for me. Black leather jacket, layered a floral slip dress (a look that I'm very into) underneath a turtleneck (another clothing piece I love) and finished off with some black tights tucked in these (very comfy!) black boots. Tada! Easy peasy. 

Anyways I hope you all are doing well and I'm hoping I get to revive this blog a little more now that I actually updated it! 

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