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What I'm Loving #13: Ciaté London, Tarte Cosmetics, Urban Decay & Maybelline

I haven't been updating on here, but I do know I have done some serious spending damage when it comes to beauty and some (well, a lot...) of clothes. This post is primarily focused on more of the beauty side of things again because well, why not? So let's not waste more time and dive right into what I'm loving this time around!

Ciaté London's The Pretty Palette: I love this palette.  Mine photographed above looks a bit messy but I think it's nice to show that because that's how much I use it and adore it.

I love it for many reasons. First reason? I love the packaging. It's hard to tell in photos but in real life, it is so beautiful with the movement of the eyes opening and closing (I posted it here moving!) and I love how each palette (there's 3 of them) have a different feel/mood/vibe.

Second I love the size. I love how compact and small it is. It's the perfect size to travel with and bring along in your bag if you feel the need to bring it along with you.

Third, I love the shades! The Pretty Palette was more my style with the warmer tones and the lighter shimmers. I love how versatile it is and how well it blends. So, so well. Highly pigmented too!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Carnal & Unicorn: I remembered seeing all over the beauty internet world that Urban Decay was phasing out their original lipsticks and then relaunching these Vice ones. It wasn't until later on I saw a swatch for the Unicorn one, online, that I decided to give them a try.

These are so good. They are so creamy but never drying (The ones I have are both the creamy matte) and they are so comfortable on the lip too! I love the Unicorn shade because it's that perfect peachy nude that I always go for. I love Carnal because it's a perfect warm nude with hints of brown that actually suits my skin tone. I have no bad things to say other than the fact that I love them! I am totally aiming to buy more.

Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette In Bloom Palette: Long, long ago I remember posting about the first Tartelette palette which was all mattes. I liked that one a lot but then at some point I just stopped using it and when I found out this palette was coming out I gasped. The first Tartelette was more cooler toned and I honestly don't use enough cooler tones on me. This? This is filled with warmer tones and shimmer! You know I love shimmer! I find it less chalky and more creamier too than the first palette and I find myself gravitating to this much more, and I just got this just recently. I already love it! It is powdery where there is fall out but I don't mind that much.

Maybelline's Master Prime Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Base (Prime + Matte):  As someone who loves eyeshadows, nothing annoys me more than having eyeshadows on your lids last poorly on it. I tried my share of eyeshadow primers and nothing has certainly left a great impression on me. Until now.

Not only is this affordable (I think it was around 8-9 bucks? Far less than the ones I have previously tried!) I've been impressed with how long lasting they make whatever is on my eyelids! Whether it's just one shade or a couple blended, it really sticks on your lid and over time doesn't leave anything melted together grossly or muddy as eyeshadows do on me! Especially because I tend to have oily lids, so this helps so much. Sometimes I just like to leave this primer on and have it bare, because it does add a good matte, beige base too.  

Maybelline's Face Studio Master Conceal in Light/Medium:  Another Maybelline favourite that's affordable and nice is this specific concealer. I like it because a little does go a long way! Which makes you save a little more bucks. It's creamy, thick but not so thick that it creases. It blends easily and covers all your dots and hides some of that baggage/shadows under your eyes. It ticks all the boxes and for that it's receiving a mention. 

And there goes another one. Here's to the next one where I'll probably be talking about more beauty products... You can never have enough.

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  1. I was swatching some of the Vice lipsticks at Sephora recently and I couldn't believe how many beautiful shades there were! I will have to try them out at some stage. The Tarte palette is all kinds of gorgeous as well. Lovely picks! xx

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective