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Style Inspiration: Why Joanna Garcia Slays the Style Game

I'm joining that bandwagon on posting why Joanna Garcia is one of my favourite Philippine stylists right now or forever and always, even. If you don't know, Joanna is one of the stylists behind Nadine Lustre and other beautiful gals in the local biz. Nadine is one of my current it-girls and one of my girl crushes in the same artista world. I mean, I talk about her here and here. I also saw in concert in June when both her and James were in Toronto. and I wanted to cry. I still have saved snaps from that night. True story.

I think she's everyone's fave fashionista and overall girl crush. She's been slaying. And with her and Joanna together? Like I always say they seem to that one of a kind #StyleDreamTeam.
The reason why I wanted to this post is because I love the way Joanna styles, particularly because she mixes that fine line of edginess but has that sleek chic feel at the same time. It's that effortless appeal. With Nadine in particular, it's the confidence she exudes too. She knows what she likes, she knows who she is and through her personal style, she commands it and owns it. 

From her Cosmo.Ph article on Joanna linked here!

You know how people love that no make up, make up look? It's like that. You wanna look natural and easy without trying, but you actually put thought into the details. And beautifully it flows together. It's the same way in how people style too. And I find that Joanna does that perfectly.

And that's why I am a fan of how Joanna does it. I also think it's because I think we're all around the same age, so I'm on the same wave-length in terms of just being to relate to both her and Nadine. I tend to love the things she comes up with, and the fact that she's working with Nadine, it's all so good. Their styles are similar and are executed to perfection! And it gives major style inspiration for me. It goes hand in hand.

Now that time have passed, I've collected some of my favourite looks she's styled Nadine. Recent to the past. Anything and everything I love. It's been a while since I've done this so why not do it with those I really am a fan of?

Here are my favourites #styledbyjoannagarcia.

All photos are from Joanna's Instagram and a few are from Nadine's herself! So all credits to them for having such wonderful photos for me to get inspired by. 


What I'm Loving #13: Ciaté London, Tarte Cosmetics, Urban Decay & Maybelline

I haven't been updating on here, but I do know I have done some serious spending damage when it comes to beauty and some (well, a lot...) of clothes. This post is primarily focused on more of the beauty side of things again because well, why not? So let's not waste more time and dive right into what I'm loving this time around!