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Travel Diary: What I Bought in the Philippines

It's been a month since I got back from my trip from the Philippines and finally I found the motivation to do this post sharing some of my favourite purchases I made over there. It mostly is a bunch of little things here and there, and that's why I took so long into making this post because it was a lot of randomness. But, I managed to organize them into different categories making it easier for me to talk about them briefly. 

So let's get into it!

Not even going to lie, what excited me a lot going there was the fact I could go to the bookstores and find some books I've wanted. The reason being? They're not sold here and the only way to purchase them would be there, of course. What a great souvenir too, you know? 

These were all bought from the National Bookstore (and it's my absolute favourite place!) and I'm so happy I got some books into my own personal library to refer too and let's be real, to look pretty on my shelf. Love!

Okay, so, I know what you're thinking. Why does she have two of the same books? Time for a story!

PUSH by BJ Pascual was one book I knew I absolutely wanted right when I found out he was going to release one. I had bought the book on my iPad and while I was so happy I could access it on there, it's not as close as the real thing. At the time, I didn't know when I would ever visit the Philippines, so it was always something I knew I wanted but it wasn't going to happen any time soon. But lo and behold this trip happened and I knew I had to go find it and purchase it myself. 

BJ Pascual is a photographer based in the Philippines and he has shot many of the artistas/local celebs I love and in awe of. This book is about how he started, how it came to be and features his favourite people he's shot over the years. His muses as it states on the cover tagline. There are 4 different covers that were released and each cover were girls I knew and loved too. I originally wanted the Nadine Lustre (the one in the white coat!) cover, but knew it was rare to find given the fact that I had been reading that it was the always the one cover that was always sold out! Although I didn't mind what cover I had, it was one of those things that once you know what you want, you can't let it go. Ever. I'm very persistent like that! 

The first (of many) mall outings, I found a National bookstore went in, and I saw all three covers but the one I wanted (surprise, surprise) so I had bought the Kathryn Bernardo cover thinking that if I didn't buy it now, I would never get it. 

Every mall we've been to had a National Bookstore, and each time I made an effort to go look in and peek if they even had have it. You never know right? I know a few members of my family were probably wondering, what is this girl looking for, haha. But none. Nada. Zilch. Zero. It wasn't exaggerated when they said it was the one being sold out everywhere. Nowhere to be seen.

It wasn't until nearing the end of our trip that we visited again another mall, and tada~ another National Bookstore. At that point I gave up and accepted the fact that I wouldn't find it. But I had a gut feeling that it could still happen. 

I couldn't find any of the books in sight and as I kept walking I saw a shelf near the back and...I actually gasped out loud upon finding the cover (the only one of two) with Nadine in clear view. So I had to buy it. Because that hunt was long and I finally had found it! Was it not a sign?! Haha! If you look at one of my videos here you can see the shelf with all of the covers and how I found it there. So that's the long story of how I have 2 of the same books. *Shrugs!* I really don't mind. They're gorgeous covers, no? 

I've shared my love for Nadine on here before (click here!), and so if you'd seen that, you would know how much finding this over was important! Haha. 

Besties by Solenn Heusaff and Georgina Wilson was another one that I knew I would love to buy if ever I had a chance of going to the Philippines! I love the concept of it being a fun, it-girl guide talking about style, beauty, travel, food, etc. There's lots of tips and tricks and stories based on their personal experiences. And it's also about their friendship! I also think both of these ladies are just gorgeous and so multi-faceted. So, it's always interesting to take a peak into their world and what they had to say! So fun, informative and all of the art and the pictures are beautifully shot. Another fun and beautiful book to add to my library. So happy I got to buy this one too. 

As much as I love make up, I surprisingly didn't buy as much as I originally thought I would have. 
I think it was because a lot of the brands there, we have here, and it didn't make sense for me to buy something that I knew I could somewhat get here. 

I also didn't want to buy many products that I knew if I had bought there, I couldn't get easily if I did run out. This is why I dislike the idea of "limited edition" products too. The idea that I could never purchase it again after I finish it makes me sad! Especially if I get so attached. But I was able to find a few things (more things for my sister which isn't shown) but I am not mad at the things I got. 

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette: Sleek is a make up brand I knew of but never had a chance of ever purchasing because I don't believe you can get them here in Canada. I love their packaging and for what it's worth, affordable make up as well! As soon as I saw this highlighting palette, I knew. Just knew!!! I had to buy it. I love highlighters and I love anything that makes me glow, glow, glow! I have been using it here and there as a base for my powdered highlight and I love everything about it. Creamy, pigmented and shimmery! Just perfect. 

Pretty Blusher by Shawill Make Up in shade 003: This brand is a local line in the Philippines and I knew as soon as I saw the blushes, I couldn't ignore them. If you know me, you know I love me some blushes. And this one was just the perfect shade for everyday. It's more brighter in the photos because, haha, I had to brighten them to make it more visible. But in real life, it's such a nice, neutral shade with hints of nude peach and coral underneath. The product it self is so lightweight and silky! A little goes a long way, it's so nice. It's also smells so good! So pretty. I wish I bought more it different shades now that I think about it. 

The last thing I got was from a small mall boutique and it was this cute mirror compact! I loved the design so much. It's so cute and each one had a different outfit! The one I chose for myself was more of my style with that PARIS tee and skirt! It's the perfect touch to add in my make up pouch. 

Out of all the things, I bought more shoes and accessories than ever because the practical side got the best of me. I knew I could wear this often and utilize them so much more than the rest of things things I could have bought. That and I knew I was one shoe size, true to fit! It wasn't as hard to find and try on either. So brace yourselves! 

 Charles & Keith purse and shoes: I had never heard of Charles & Keith, but when I went into the store, I loved everything about what I saw! I loved all the purses and shoes. And if you also know me, you know they are my weaknesses! 

These were the first purchases upon staying over there and I didn't plan for them to be matching but I loved that they do. I loved the purse because it was such a good, small size. It has two flaps to put things in, and I love the structure/shape. It looked unique to me and I wanted the black one because I think black with the gold accent is so chic and would match with everything I wear. 

The shoes too struck out to me. These were on sale I believe and when I saw them I loved the wide buckle strap. The fact that it looked like part sneaker, part flat is what drew me to it.  Again, black because why not? I love how it has that casually but we can still dress it up appeal it has. 

CLN purse: This one I believe I got on sale? I don't even remember! Every mall outing, seemed to blur into one (there were so many!) but again what attracted me to this one was the colour and the structure. It has a light baby blue flap and on the inside it's a nice wash of light pink. And the black again, because, duh! It also comes with a little wristlet to attach to the side if you don't want to use it as a purse. I love the size of it and I love how it's nothing like anything I have in my wardrobe.

It'll definitely be good to wear in the Summer months with my dresses for sure!

RUBI pink flats: I bought two of the same flats! They had a promotion to buy 2 for a certain price and I took advantage. I bought this one and I bought the same style in black and white stripes that I didn't picture because they are kind of dirty since I used them to death when I was there! Not only are they comfortable (they didn't need time to break in! The best feeling ever!) I just love the pointed style. It's chic and super pretty. 

JAZZ Your Style! Platform Sandals: These were bought in Landmark? I'm pretty sure. These were on a whim but I just loved the brown and white combination it has going on. It also is so light and seems so comfortable to walk in because of the even platform! I can't want to wear these with cute dresses and even my cropped jeans. It'll be the perfect end to a good outfit. 

Sunnies Studios Sunglasses in ELSA: I did a blog post a long time ago about my love for the brand Sunnies Studios here, and my love for it hasn't changed one bit. I still am very in love with the aesthetic, their branding and marketing. Everything. 

I knew if I could get a pair of sunglasses from there, I would be set! These are the ones I ended up getting (I really wish I bought a few more! I'm obsessed with sunnies okay!) but I like this one a lot because it will go with everything and I love the gradient dark lens. It's so chic and they're so light and easy on the ears too, which is a plus! 

Headband/Pouch from The SM Store: I saw this headband and I thought it was the cutest thing. I always been a lover of headbands when I was child and this was too cute to pass up! I love the fact that it's this fake leather material and the bow on top? Come on! It adds such a sweet touch to your outfit. 

The little pouch is exactly what I needed for all my smaller purses that don't fit my regular-sized wallet. It's slim, compact, sturdy and it also has a linked keychain inside in case I wanted to cling it onto something. On the side it has two slots for some cards, and I'm good to go! I've been using it now and I feel so great carrying something so minimal and not so bulky. 

Uniqlo x Jimbobart Tees: Out of all (which was a very small amount!) of clothes that I bought, these were my favourite. Hands down! These were from Uniqlo and need I say more?! I think these speak for themselves.

These were designed by Jimbobart and they are so adorable, I bought 3 of them! I think they were having a sale on them, which was another reason for me to snatch these up! 

I love the art and the illustrations of each animal, the text, the print... Just everything. Not to mention they are such a comfortable fit too! It'll be perfect with a pair of jeans, skirts, shorts, anything! Plus I love how it's super casual but the prints add that element of character which I find so charming. 

And there we have it! This actually took so long than planned to put up, because frankly it was tricky to see how I could put this in a organized manner. But we did it and if you read all that, here's a gold star because you are awesome for pushing through that long scroll of pictures and my ramblings! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul from the Philippines and seriously hope I get to be back soon!

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