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Pink Lady

Photographed by: Mary Parayno 
Jacket: Zara / Top: Zara / Bottoms: Zara/ Shoes: Aldo / Choker: Aldo Accessories

I knew the showstopper of this post in particular was this gorgeous faux leather jacket from Zara. I originally wanted the baby blue one, but I saw the pink in store, and I immediately fell in love and it changed the game for me! 

It's a nice soft, light pink but with the style of the leather jacket? It's super cool and chill too. I love that balance with that feminine feel meets the tough edge that a leather jacket usually gives in any look. Instant, effortless cool. You know? 

So while I had that in mind, I knew I wanted everything else in the colour palette to be standard and minimal. Black was a given. I did think it would have been more boring if it were all black so I thought the lace from the top would be a nice, delicate touch. 

Although the pink leather jacket was the focal point, the flats on another hand could have been easily stole the show, but I decided not to and loved how the culotte style bottoms covered the rest of the shoe. The laces go up my leg! I also love this choker as it matched perfectly with the all-black attire and it seemed to look like it was part of the blouse. I love chokers. You'll see me wear them all day, every day. And that's a fact. 

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