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The Ensemble Diaries: My Fringed Suede Boots

I don't know how often these mini videos will happen, but I'm excited to add this layer for the blog! Ever since I invested into a smaller camera, I wanted to get into the hang of putting out things like these. I'm still very awkward and I'm not entirely comfortable talking on camera (you can tell near the end of this video and my previous travel vlogs have none of me talking...) but I'm slowly getting comfortable with the idea of me being in front of the camera than just a picture. I think it's also super fun to find more ways to be creative and show more of myself in little tidbits. So here's one more segment to add, The Ensemble Diaries!
My short but sweet take on my outfits I have worn and are featured on the blog. Think of it as an OOTD in motion. So here's this outfit blog post through video from down below. 

 It was actually by chance that we went with this because we just wanted to experiment. We also had the time too, so, that was that. Thanks to my girl, Mary! Who you will see in the video! She makes up what we like to call the #DreamTeam.

Compiling these clips together and having it flow the way it does took a lot of time despite it being what, a minute or so? So many kudos and respect for all the full-time vloggers/youtubers. I only experimented a slice of it, and I don't know how ya'll do it. 

So here it is, hopefully more will come! So perhaps maybe? You can subscribe? Please? ;) 

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