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The Little Things: To the Philippines #1

Hello everybody! After a month, I'm back with a post! And this one is very special because it's the first time I'm putting out a video with an entry! 


I don't know how frequent videos will happen, I am such a newbie and I don't know if this is truly my thing... But I knew for this trip, I wanted to another keepsake that I can fondly look back on and can view again and again. That's what it's also there for right? 

So here's part one! It's a short one, but frankly, they're going to be really short because a) We did many of the same things (you'll see this in the videos) b) Most of the time I was with family and I didn't feel it would be comfortable for myself to film anything c) I wanted to relish in the fact that I was vacationing! So a lot of it was spent with technology out of sight, out of mind. Kind of. If you have been following me on Instagram, I know I have been posting pictures throughout my stay. It's always been easier to snap a pic than to film for more than a second, you know?  

But, I was able to capture bits and pieces of different days though, which is why I titled it The Little Things. All the little things that made me happy or simply the little things I was able to capture in that slight second.  Here's part one! 
Things that happened that wasn't exactly shown in the video, the video shows the expectations, down below is the reality: 
  • I broke out into hives while checking in due to feeling very stressed at the fact that the desk we were at had major technical difficulties. 
  • This was my first time on the plane. Ever. So, having your first flight ever be delayed for 4 hours was kind of a bummer. We didn't take flight until 5 a.m. 
  • All of the Hello Kitty shots (So cute!) was taken in our stop at Taipei to head on over to our connecting flight.
  • That connecting flight was also delayed. For another 2 hours. Stress.
  • Pretty much slept as much as I could on that flight. 
  • Ended up getting a slight cold/stuffy nose (airplanes are cold, it's very true)
  • We made it though! 
And that's the end of the part 1! I think there will be 2 more parts after this in terms of the videos. I hope you enjoyed as much as I had fun putting this together!

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