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The Little Things: In The Philippines #2

Part two came later than I had initially hoped, but I'm being honest here in saying I'm just being a lazy bum. I knew how much out of place I would feel once returning to reality, but it's taking a little bit longer. 
Upon being back home, I got ill with a high fever, sprained a muscle near my back, and trying to readjust to the time zones because as much as it didn't affect me a whole lot (I got lucky with our time of flights, it was easier to transition) I just felt mentally exhausted going back into the swing of things as if the vacation never happened! Ha! 

But enough with the excuses! I come to you with the second instalment of The Little Things travel diary, as I give you more bits and pieces of my time there. 

This time around it's going to be a lot of food (a lot, sorry not sorry) and some shopping here and there with in between shots of me in travel/traffic.

Here's Part One in case you missed it! 


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