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The Little Things: In The Philippines #2

Part two came later than I had initially hoped, but I'm being honest here in saying I'm just being a lazy bum. I knew how much out of place I would feel once returning to reality, but it's taking a little bit longer. 


The Little Things: To the Philippines #1

Hello everybody! After a month, I'm back with a post! And this one is very special because it's the first time I'm putting out a video with an entry! 


I don't know how frequent videos will happen, I am such a newbie and I don't know if this is truly my thing... But I knew for this trip, I wanted to another keepsake that I can fondly look back on and can view again and again. That's what it's also there for right? 

So here's part one! It's a short one, but frankly, they're going to be really short because a) We did many of the same things (you'll see this in the videos) b) Most of the time I was with family and I didn't feel it would be comfortable for myself to film anything c) I wanted to relish in the fact that I was vacationing! So a lot of it was spent with technology out of sight, out of mind. Kind of. If you have been following me on Instagram, I know I have been posting pictures throughout my stay. It's always been easier to snap a pic than to film for more than a second, you know?  

But, I was able to capture bits and pieces of different days though, which is why I titled it The Little Things. All the little things that made me happy or simply the little things I was able to capture in that slight second.  Here's part one!