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What I'm Loving #12: New Things with Laura Mercier, Maybelline, Benefit & Tarte

I guess you could count this as a monthly type of favourites considering all of these were bought in the month of February. 

However they're still a bit new (think of this as it is a haul too) because I have bought them and used here and there, but waiting to fully use them later on, because I am going on vacation to the Philippines for a good month! I want to try my luck on how it does over there to fully post my thoughts. 

This is also why there have been a lack of posts because I have been eagerly preparing for the trip (my first time ever!) so be patient with me until I have everything sorted out.

This could be another post, so, let's get ahead and jump into some of the new beauty products that have invaded my life in the most prettiest of ways! 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance: If you are following me on Instagram, I first posted a photo of it and explaining in my always long ramble of a caption that I got this because I've seen one of my favourite YouTubers to watch, Christine, on her recent Get Ready With Me video! 

I love Get Ready with Me videos because I find them really relaxing to watch? I like these in particular because it's more natural, raw and more fun to watch.

Another reason why I love it is because through a chatty get ready with me, you can see what products they're using and know their honest opinions. Christine convinced me about the Laura Mercier foundation primer because it looked so pretty when she put it on. She also said she loved it and I couldn't resist. 

What I liked about this foundation primer (though, I know others might not like it for that fact) is how it is true to it's name, it's radiant. There's specks of shimmer and is that glow in the bottle. It applies nice on and it just adds that right amount of sheen we all like to achieve on a day-to-day basis. 

With the primer on, and any choice of your foundation on top, it really makes everything glow from within and adds a good base for long-lasting make up. I love it and it's just so pretty to pass up. 

 Sometimes I like to just leave it on its own because it does cover all your bases. 

Maybelline's Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydration Foundation in 75 Natural Beige: Now, I love Maybelline's products. A lot. I still live by their Fit Me foundation line but when I found this was their new product coming out, I had to try it out for myself. They never disappoint! 

I love this one in particular because it isn't as thin or watery like some foundations are, but it doesn't feel cakey. Think of it as a part mousse, part cream. It's smooth, light weight, and it provides good coverage! 

I also love how it comes out out of a squeezable tube because it provides more control over how much product you use. You don't end up feeling your wasting more. And because of that, it's so much more travel-friendly given the size as well. 

Left: Maybelline's Dream Velvet foundation Right: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Exposed: This blush isn't a new on for me to be exact. In one of Tarte's holiday collections a few years back, they had a 5-blush set clutch compact and Exposed was on of their shades. 

I remember loving Exposed then that I had to purchase it on its own now,  in case I did hit pan on that palette and ran out. 

What I love about Tarte's blushes is how pigmented and long lasting they are. With a light hand you can add the perfect amount of blush and throughout the day it wears and melts into your skin with such a ease that you forget you're wearing blush to begin with. 

Exposed is to be described as that standard nude, and it might seem dark or maybe 'eh' in pan but on skin, it is beautiful. It's a blush I use a lot because it just goes with every make up look you ever decide to do! Blended with a good contour, it is super nice as well.

I feel like some people might be afraid to add blush into their routine because it might seem too much colour and too much powder on your face, but with with right shade, a light hand, and a good blend, you'll be surprised how much it makes a difference to your look. 

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Tinted Primer: This one, too, was a newly released product added to Benefit's list!  I couldn't pass this up either because I really wanted to try a good primer for my lashes, and I had always been a fan of They're Real mascara too. So this was a win-win. 

I like this one a lot because the tint is a nice shade of brown. It isn't too dark but adds enough drama to even be on its own without another mascara on top, despite it being a primer first. I remember trying this on by itself and was impressed at how much my lashes lengthened and looked fuller and that had only been with just the primer. Paired with black mascara? Lashes galore. 

Right now I pair this with my Maybelline Lash Sensational on top and was in love with the turn out. 

It also made washing off my mascara so much more easier than the usual. I think it's because with the primer, you don't need to put on more coats of your regular mascara to begin with. It already fans out the lashes, it already lengthens, it adds a good base. So when you add another mascara, it's just the icing on the cake! And so, you don't need to clump it up, which happens naturally when you keep on coating more layers on. 

 I love mascara but I always end up having such black racoon eyes when I take off some mascaras and it takes forever. So this primer made my life so much easier. 

And there we have it! Not a lot of things this time around but hopefully for the next one, there will be plenty! 

Hope you guys have a wonderful day! 

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