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Wardrobe Inspiration: Finding Your Sense of Style

This has something that has been an idea for the longest time, and the reason why I have been putting this idea off is because to put it simply, I'm not that much of a writer. Nor am I someone who claims to be an expert of any kind. I'm just a random girl who loves to dress up, dress down, and is still figuring things out. Trust me. I don't know what I'm doing half of the time.

Also because I'm not someone who particularly good with words and that's why I love to focus on imagery, visuals and all that. I like looking at pictures and having it speak for itself.

But here we go, I decided to finally do it because I thought it would be fun to do and also because I think if I had known about this before, I wouldn't have donned many outfits I cringe over the years. But, then again, if it weren't for that, I wouldn't be making my choices now! So, it depends!

I don't claim to be an expert, but after years of trials and error, I think I narrowed down my sense of style and from the tips I will suggest, I think you can find the confidence to know what's best for you and how you want to dress.
So how do you find your sense of style? How do you even go about that? It's all about what your preference is. What's your kind of cup of tea? Personally, I've always had a love for shopping and clothes for the longest time. I would be so excited to go to the mall when we can, when I was little. What I didn't know? How to take that love for it and edit it down to what I love personally, and what's true to me.

Whether you're into that kind of thing or now, all of us have a way of dressing that is very individual and is our own. You might not be into shopping, per se, but I think you would know what you like when you do have to shop and know what works best for you. Now, how do you want to elevate it?

I think if you really want that wardrobe makeover as they say, I think you literally need to sit yourself down and find a place to actually do it. Again, I'm keen on visuals so this is fun for me. Maybe to some not, but think of it like a project and you'll get into it in no time.  Not only will it be productive, but also fun because the things you can find!

So my choices? There are so many platforms that have that easily accessible. My favourites? Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest!
Instagram because it's on the daily. You're instantly seeing photos being uploaded and now that Instagram is being used by everyone (celebrities, social influencers alike) it's much easier to find something to be inspired by.

Tumblr because its endless amount of photos, and you choose what to reblog/post on your page. Whether it's places, movies, television, fashion, there are so many tumblr accounts specifically catered for those interests.

Pinterest because it's a nice that it's all laid out for you in a grid formation. You can organize everything in different categories and because it's all laid out for you, like a mood board, it's really easy to see a common theme of styles you prefer (which I will get into detail later!).

For me, I tend to like and screen shot some of the things I love outfit wise or make up wise on Instagram. On my Tumblr, I have specific tags labeled style and fashion (style being more street/daily wear and fashion being more seen on the runway) that I label for all the reblogs I feel would be good for that needed style boost. Lastly on Pinterest, I have a specific board titled Style Inspiration and every outfit/look I love, I put there. I also have celebrities whose style I love, and I have each board for them too. Tada! Everything is filtered and whenever I am in a funk or just need inspiration to find something to wear, I just go through each one and see what I can find.

Once you keep that going, you'll get some good stuff to look up for reference when you feel the need to figure what style you like and how you can achieve it in your own terms.

This isn't technically necessary, but again I think it's fun. And if you're wondering well what is my style? Then a good way to see it is to try and find someone or perhaps a aesthetic you find pleasing. Celebrities are a given and easy because there are thousands of photos you can refer to, whether it's by magazine shoots or my favourite, candids of them. Also through television and movies, it's a fun way to see what you love from there as well. 

Once you find that, you can see what matches to your tastes or preferences. Try reblogging their photos on Tumblr, or making a Pinterest board on them and compile pictures there. On Instagram, if they have an account, creep (you know you do it!) on their profile and see what you love and keep it in mind!

Once you curate a bunch of photos to your liking, after some time, go back and see if there's a common theme going on. There might be something that is very common with each photo you liked/reblogged/pinned. Maybe you seemed to love them wear leather jackets, maybe you always end up posting them in pretty, printed dresses. Maybe the photos you end up liking are them in sneakers and distressed jeans, etc!

I think once you see the bigger picture, see a common thread and the similarities (you might have not realized at the time!), the more easier it is to navigate your own style and see what pieces of clothes you might want to have in your wardrobe to incorporate in your every day style.

No seriously. Once you have a good image in mind to what you love and take the next step to elevating your style, the easiest option is to go out and shop right?

Well, sure. But money is very important and saving up is what we need to be doing! I try, at least. So before anything, I think it's the best time to look at your own wardrobe and see what you can really work with now that you're in a more comfortable place with how you want to dress like.

Sometimes the things you find, you don't realize you had, but now you can find a way to actually wear it now! Recycling is always a good idea, right? Repeat your pieces. You'll end up appreciating it so much more than having to constantly buy. This is also a good excuse to clean out the things you end up not wearing too! You're killing two birds with one stone.

It's simple, I rather have one item I can wear for pretty much forever than having to buy multiple items each time when it falls apart. Not only does it take a lot of money, but you end up accumulating so much, you run out of places to put it all and then your space becomes cluttered.

If you're worried about the splurging the first time, think about the money added up for how many times you buy that same item because it keeps wearing out on you. You'll end up probably spending the same amount, if not maybe more, anyway. 

This is why I tend to invest in coats/jackets/shoes/accessories. It's because I know I can wear them constantly and the last thing I need is for them to break because of the lack of quality.

Choose wisely. It's okay once and a while to splurge on an item you know you truly love and know you're going to wear. You'll appreciate it not falling apart quickly on you and having it for a substantial amount of time, trust me. Once you have those key pieces too, it's easy to work it in your style every day because you don't want to put that good money to waste! Haha.

I know this post is in specifics to finding your own personal style, but remember, it should be fun and not be taken so seriously!

I know my style from a year ago is not really the same now, and that's okay! The cool thing about clothes, fashions, trends is that it's always coming back all the time (hey, remember the '90s revival?) and that if you end up changing your mind on some things, that's cool. If you feel like you found your signature style and don't want to stray away from that, that's cool too. What matters is what makes you happy and feel good. 

Don't ever think if you figure out what you love now, that's going to be it forever. You're allowed to change, you're allowed to grow and evolve! This can apply to life in general. That's the beauty of it! We're supposed to grow and change anyway! Don't limit yourself! 

If you want to wear it, wear it. What you love now, may not be the same some time later, but then you can see how you can recycle and incorporate that change into something better in the long run. Don't think of it as a stressful thing if you feel like you don't know. And you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone either. Everyone is different and what works for them, might not work for you. Once you remember that and have that glued to your mind, life's a bit easier. 

Your own style is an expression of who you are. You're allowed to be creative if you want to! Dress up with your mood, have fun with the process and walk confidently with what you choose to wear! If you feel good and confident, you're going to look it. That's a fact.

And that's what matters the most. 

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