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Wish List: Odds & Ends

I decided to revamp the shelf near my bed and as you can see, I went for a more simplified look. I don't like that much clutter and if anything, I like everything to go with one another.

Doing this has inspired me to continue to be on the hunt for small trinkets or things to add more to my room and also be utilized for a way to not only decorate, but to also be functional as well.

I decided to go on one of my favourite websites for that, and that is Urban Outfitters! I like Urban Outfitters because you can find such cool, unique and pretty finds for your decorating needs. It is limited, yes, but I found some cool stuff that I wish to get for my room.

As if I needed anymore stuff, but I'm working on it. 
Magical Thinking Tower Glass Box
I have a ton of jewelry. To a point where most of my odd ends are all scattered onto a tray. For the most part, I don't care as much, but on the other hand, this is exactly something I could use for those such things. I like how a jewelry case can also be used as a fancy art piece on your dresser, shelf, etc. It's simple in design and adds that needed organization to quickly find your things and go. 

Magical Thinking Etched Medallion Box
Continuing on with the first item, this is the same thing, but instead it's a medallion box. It's everything put into one place but it's seen as clean and tidy and also the box is so beautiful, it would also be great as a coffee table piece! 

Plum & Bow Wire Text Wall Art + Amelia Glass Display Frame
I'm addicted to wall decor and photos, if you've seen my review on the Fuji Film Instax camera and printer, you can see my wall of photos! I just love having some wall decor because I like to be inspired and keep that creativity flowing. The text wall art is super cute because it's simple in design and I love the handwriting because it adds that personal touch. Also the fact you can add jewelry hanging or photos makes it practical.

The glass display frame adds into the fact that I love photos and now having that printer I can print my own and use it for decor for gift giving, etc! This frame is super nice to add to your dresser, shelf and also a great idea to give to someone!

Firefly Clip String Lights
Speaking of my wall of photos, this one I'm highly considering purchasing right away soon because how cute! I love firefly lights and I love the addition of adding your photos into the mix. I also read that the clips are removable, so more room to play and customize to your liking. This is so perfect to add that bit of charm into your space, especially if you are looking to fill up space on a wall! I already have some ideas on how to incorporate this into my room. 

I gasped when I saw this. Something of this size and it's use to organize on my desk? No way! I love the design of that worn, older, rustic feel. It adds a nice vintage touch, no? That and it's just always great to have more storage space. Having a small room, you're left to your own devices to find ways to store your things. And stuff like this makes me super happy it exists. 

This, this, this! I have been looking for something like this forever. You hear me keep talking about photos, and walls, and keeping inspired. Well this would tie in everything! It's a literal mood board in the flesh and I'm in need of one so badly! This is perfect if you're a visual type of a person (like me, obviously!) you would love this! It's something tangible and can be used in my ways. Reminders, post its, photos, magazine clippings, it's all the things you can decorate it all on your own. The fact that you can personalize it all to your own is my favourite part.

I hope you enjoyed the latest wish list, as I hope maybe you too, are inspired to add more decorating or even give gifts for some? I'm sure friends would love this type of stuff.

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