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What I'm Loving #11: The Little Book of Skincare, Laneige, Colourpop Cosmetics, Formula X & More!

 Lately, it's been quite difficult to really do posts that I want to do. I really love to dress up and do more outfit posts but it's difficult to do so when the weather makes you feel like you will become an icicle when you stand outside long enough. Don't let the sunshine fool you. 

So really, those posts have been put onto a hold because I can't bear to imagine me and someone else freeze that much. Which disappoints me, but, this is Canada. 

Anyway, because of those reasons, it's been hard for me to really come up with ideas on what to post because of the weather, the fact that it gets dark a lot sooner, and the weather. 

Did I mention the weather? 

So here we are again with another post on the things I've been loving. I've been keeping warm in the comforts of my room and bulky layers, but also still have the audacity to buy and make online purchases. 

So here we are. 

The Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho: I remember seeing this book out and about online and I decided to give it a try. Here's why. 

I've been a fan of kpop probably since 2008? Watched several kdramas, a love for the variety shows and everything else. I am also such a admirer of their style and beauty which leads me to this post. Many of them, if not most, have such incredible skin. They achieve that no-makeup-makeup look with such ease. So a book that's all about that? Sign me up. I want an attempt to have such glowing skin without even trying!

So definitely, seeing this book and what it was about intrigued me! Also I'll admit, I have been guilty with neglecting care for my skin so I think this was a good step to take to learn as much as I can with taking care of it properly.

Upon reading the book, I learned so much! Charlotte Cho explains and breaks it down wonderfully so. It's not hard to comprehend but you learn all the details needed to know what's going on truly with your skin and if you wish to neglect it, what can lead into as a result. Also, the cute illustrations that come alongside of it is a super cute and beautiful touch! 

 Because of it, I have been naturally slowly taking the steps to build up my skincare routine that I feel comfortable with. And for that, we can go onto the next favourite.

Laneige Hydration Trial Kit: The book came in such great timing, because I feel like the Korean beauty routine has been becoming so much popular now. Laneige is one beauty company that is from Korea and has made (like a few others!) made it accessible to many of us who don't know how to reach for such famous products that Korea is known for.

Going into it, I didn't know what else to purchase or where to begin. I saw this kit online at Sephora as I was trying to research what to try out, and I found this was such a great bang for your buck. Six pieces for $38! It has all the steps you need in one purchase. It also comes in a travel pouch so that's win for me.

I have been using it for about 2 months now and I'm getting used to trying out all products and getting into a habit of doing them. I've been loving how it feels on my skin after each use. In fact, my skin feels so much smoother and silkier even! I think my favourite to use is the toner and the sleeping gel mask, because oh my gosh, it's amazing and so nice to see how smooth your skin feels the morning after.

 Colourpop Cosmetics: I love Colourpop Cosmetics. They tick the boxes with what you would want with a make up brand. They're affordable (well, it depends, I still have to convert the currency and I cringe but whatever!), have the cutest packaging (seriously if you order from them, the box and everything is so well packaged!) and the colour pay off is amazing. What more do you want? 

I gave in and decided to try out the matte lip creams and some of the super shock eyeshadows. Needless to say, I bought more matte lips and more eyeshadow pots, so there's that! Love them! And love the variety they give for each product!

Most of their Super Shock Shadows are from the collaboration with Kathleen Lights on YouTube. Right up my alley! The first set was a quad and it was from the Where The Light Is and it contains the four in a set: Glow, KathleenLights, Blaze and Cornelious.

The other two are from the recent one from hers as well, Where The Night Is, and the two that I go individually were,  Midnight and Weenie

What sets them apart with other brands in terms of their eye shadows is that the formula is unique in itself. It's like a hybrid of what a cream eye shadow would be and a powder. Somewhat of like a mousse? when it comes to the consistency. It's pretty cool. The best way for me is to use my fingers. Easy peasy.  

The next things I had to get were their Ultra Matte Lip creams. You can see from the pictures a lot of the text from the packaging has been wearing off and I think that's a pretty good indicator on how much I've been using them. 

The ones that I have are: Instigator, Bumble, StingRAYE, LAX, Donut and Tulle

I decided to do swatches (which I know sucks) but the lighting was difficult to capture the right colours. Plus on everyone it looks so entirely different. Trust me, before purchasing I've been always looking at other people who have worn them. All have been different than on me. So either way I don't know if it would be the true to each shade in general. 

I will say this though, these are amazing in terms of longevity. It can be a bit messy at first? What lip cream doesn't though so I suggest a lip liner underneath to prevent it feathering out. Try one coat, let it dry, and then put more coats as you please! The first layer is the most important I feel. You need a good base for it to last longer. 

Once you get the hang of it, man, are they amazing. You'll eat, it's still there. You drink, it's still there. Just recently, I was at the dentist for a cleaning and I had Instigator on and I remember after the cleaning, the lip colour still remained. Nothing smudged and nothing was off. And I mean, hello, at the dentist! You know how much happens with a cleaning? The water, the tools, the gloves, etc! In the past I remember always my lipstick smudging at some point if not, the entire thing off.  So needless to say, you got to have it if you love lip colour and hate re-applying. You won't be sorry. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: If you're looking for a dupe for the Benefit's Rollerlash mascara (which I still claim is my favourite!) the Maybelline Lash Sensational comes really close, if not, the exact drugstore duplicate. I like this one a lot as I have finished most of my mascaras and I decided, for now, that I didn't want to spend another $30 on another new mascara. This Maybelline one has been great. For $8? It does it's job and does a great job fanning out my lashes just the way I like them. It's super lengthening which is what I always look for in a mascara. 

Sephora Formula X Song of Style Edition Nail Polish in Girl's Best Friend and Nude For You: When I found out Aimee Song from Song of Style was doing a collaboration with Forumla X to release a line of nail polishes, I knew I was going to buy them. I did. I bought the two that I knew I would wear often, if not, every day and I still have Nude for You on my nails and it's still holding up so prettily. In general, I've been a fan of the Formula X line from Sephora. Highly pigmented, have that long wear and it doesn't chip. 

Aldo Statement Necklace in WELIVIA: I'm always a lover of a good strong, statement necklace. So when I saw this, you better believe I took the chance to get it! It's so strong and I love the silver hardware. It looks so good on top of a graphic tee or just a solid, dark colour. It's something I love to wear when I feel super lazy and I want to dress slouchy, but adding this on top just amplifies it into a dressed-up level without even having to try. So, I love it.

Did you make it until the end! There we have it. Another post filled with pretty things I love a lot. I've also reached a stumble brain freeze with what else I could post, so if you have any ideas you would like to suggest, you can comment below! Because seriously. It's hard. 

Hope you have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Same here with the cold. I'm not too keen on going outside. There are some weekends I wish I could stay inside.