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What I'm Loving #11: The Little Book of Skincare, Laneige, Colourpop Cosmetics, Formula X & More!

 Lately, it's been quite difficult to really do posts that I want to do. I really love to dress up and do more outfit posts but it's difficult to do so when the weather makes you feel like you will become an icicle when you stand outside long enough. Don't let the sunshine fool you. 

So really, those posts have been put onto a hold because I can't bear to imagine me and someone else freeze that much. Which disappoints me, but, this is Canada. 

Anyway, because of those reasons, it's been hard for me to really come up with ideas on what to post because of the weather, the fact that it gets dark a lot sooner, and the weather. 

Did I mention the weather? 

So here we are again with another post on the things I've been loving. I've been keeping warm in the comforts of my room and bulky layers, but also still have the audacity to buy and make online purchases. 

So here we are. 


Favourites: My Perfume Collection

I think I have accumulated enough perfumes to go on with a specific post showcasing some of my favourite scents and why I love them.

I'm not someone who is particularly fond of very bold, strong scents. I get a very bad headache with strong odours as it is, so something heavy won't make the cut for me.

However, there have been a couple of perfumes that have made my way to my heart and here I will go in depth as to what they are and why.


Wish List: Odds & Ends

I decided to revamp the shelf near my bed and as you can see, I went for a more simplified look. I don't like that much clutter and if anything, I like everything to go with one another.

Doing this has inspired me to continue to be on the hunt for small trinkets or things to add more to my room and also be utilized for a way to not only decorate, but to also be functional as well.

I decided to go on one of my favourite websites for that, and that is Urban Outfitters! I like Urban Outfitters because you can find such cool, unique and pretty finds for your decorating needs. It is limited, yes, but I found some cool stuff that I wish to get for my room.

As if I needed anymore stuff, but I'm working on it.