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Style Inspiration: Why Joanna Garcia Slays the Style Game

I'm joining that bandwagon on posting why Joanna Garcia is one of my favourite Philippine stylists right now or forever and always, even. If you don't know, Joanna is one of the stylists behind Nadine Lustre and other beautiful gals in the local biz. Nadine is one of my current it-girls and one of my girl crushes in the same artista world. I mean, I talk about her here and here. I also saw in concert in June when both her and James were in Toronto. and I wanted to cry. I still have saved snaps from that night. True story.

I think she's everyone's fave fashionista and overall girl crush. She's been slaying. And with her and Joanna together? Like I always say they seem to that one of a kind #StyleDreamTeam.
The reason why I wanted to this post is because I love the way Joanna styles, particularly because she mixes that fine line of edginess but has that sleek chic feel at the same time. It's that effortless appeal. With Nadine in particular, it's the confidence she exudes too. She knows what she likes, she knows who she is and through her personal style, she commands it and owns it. 

From her Cosmo.Ph article on Joanna linked here!

You know how people love that no make up, make up look? It's like that. You wanna look natural and easy without trying, but you actually put thought into the details. And beautifully it flows together. It's the same way in how people style too. And I find that Joanna does that perfectly.

And that's why I am a fan of how Joanna does it. I also think it's because I think we're all around the same age, so I'm on the same wave-length in terms of just being to relate to both her and Nadine. I tend to love the things she comes up with, and the fact that she's working with Nadine, it's all so good. Their styles are similar and are executed to perfection! And it gives major style inspiration for me. It goes hand in hand.

Now that time have passed, I've collected some of my favourite looks she's styled Nadine. Recent to the past. Anything and everything I love. It's been a while since I've done this so why not do it with those I really am a fan of?

Here are my favourites #styledbyjoannagarcia.

All photos are from Joanna's Instagram and a few are from Nadine's herself! So all credits to them for having such wonderful photos for me to get inspired by. 


What I'm Loving #13: Ciaté London, Tarte Cosmetics, Urban Decay & Maybelline

I haven't been updating on here, but I do know I have done some serious spending damage when it comes to beauty and some (well, a lot...) of clothes. This post is primarily focused on more of the beauty side of things again because well, why not? So let's not waste more time and dive right into what I'm loving this time around!


Travel Diary: What I Bought in the Philippines

It's been a month since I got back from my trip from the Philippines and finally I found the motivation to do this post sharing some of my favourite purchases I made over there. It mostly is a bunch of little things here and there, and that's why I took so long into making this post because it was a lot of randomness. But, I managed to organize them into different categories making it easier for me to talk about them briefly. 

So let's get into it!


The Ensemble Diaries: My Fringed Suede Boots

I don't know how often these mini videos will happen, but I'm excited to add this layer for the blog! Ever since I invested into a smaller camera, I wanted to get into the hang of putting out things like these. I'm still very awkward and I'm not entirely comfortable talking on camera (you can tell near the end of this video and my previous travel vlogs have none of me talking...) but I'm slowly getting comfortable with the idea of me being in front of the camera than just a picture. I think it's also super fun to find more ways to be creative and show more of myself in little tidbits. So here's one more segment to add, The Ensemble Diaries!
My short but sweet take on my outfits I have worn and are featured on the blog. Think of it as an OOTD in motion. So here's this outfit blog post through video from down below. 

 It was actually by chance that we went with this because we just wanted to experiment. We also had the time too, so, that was that. Thanks to my girl, Mary! Who you will see in the video! She makes up what we like to call the #DreamTeam.

Compiling these clips together and having it flow the way it does took a lot of time despite it being what, a minute or so? So many kudos and respect for all the full-time vloggers/youtubers. I only experimented a slice of it, and I don't know how ya'll do it. 

So here it is, hopefully more will come! So perhaps maybe? You can subscribe? Please? ;) 

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My Fringed Suede Boots


The Little Things: In The Philippines #3

I finally made it! Here's the third and final chapter with my attempt on these mini vlogs! I kind of stalled because, eh, lazy. but I managed and here we are! 


Travel Diary: Some of My Favourite Beauty Bits

I was a bit stumped when I was taking photos for these because I didn't know whether to do this as a What I'm Loving post or just a miscellaneous one because I wasn't sure what I wanted feature. 

The reason being is because I wanted to focus a post on the products I used while I went for vacation because I thought it would be interesting, for me at least, to see how I would handle not having access to all of the make up/beauty products I own, and having to limit myself with what I was able to bring.

Also truthfully, as I was uploading the photos onto here, I realized I forgot some other products that I used and loved and I literally did a face palm because I didn't want to redo the shots again.  I think the next favourites would be an actual What I'm Loving post so I'll integrate the few onto there too. 

To start off, if you haven't noticed with the last few posts... I did go the Philippines and one of the things I knew would happen would be trying to be strategic with what beauty stuff to bring. 

Here is why:


The Little Things: In The Philippines #2

Part two came later than I had initially hoped, but I'm being honest here in saying I'm just being a lazy bum. I knew how much out of place I would feel once returning to reality, but it's taking a little bit longer. 


The Little Things: To the Philippines #1

Hello everybody! After a month, I'm back with a post! And this one is very special because it's the first time I'm putting out a video with an entry! 


I don't know how frequent videos will happen, I am such a newbie and I don't know if this is truly my thing... But I knew for this trip, I wanted to another keepsake that I can fondly look back on and can view again and again. That's what it's also there for right? 

So here's part one! It's a short one, but frankly, they're going to be really short because a) We did many of the same things (you'll see this in the videos) b) Most of the time I was with family and I didn't feel it would be comfortable for myself to film anything c) I wanted to relish in the fact that I was vacationing! So a lot of it was spent with technology out of sight, out of mind. Kind of. If you have been following me on Instagram, I know I have been posting pictures throughout my stay. It's always been easier to snap a pic than to film for more than a second, you know?  

But, I was able to capture bits and pieces of different days though, which is why I titled it The Little Things. All the little things that made me happy or simply the little things I was able to capture in that slight second.  Here's part one! 


In My Life: Be Right Back

I wanted to have a post dedicated to why posts are going to be a minimal for a couple of weeks. And this time I have a valid reason! 

I did mention it briefly here, but if you haven't read it, I'll be going away on vacation. Although this post isn't as necessary, I really wanted an entry here to explain things because I think it'll be better for me when I get back into the swing of things. This post will be a good indicator to where things will pause momentarily. Like a good bookmark to pick up where I left off. I'll feel more organized that way! 

So, see you soon! 

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What I'm Loving #12: New Things with Laura Mercier, Maybelline, Benefit & Tarte

I guess you could count this as a monthly type of favourites considering all of these were bought in the month of February. 

However they're still a bit new (think of this as it is a haul too) because I have bought them and used here and there, but waiting to fully use them later on, because I am going on vacation to the Philippines for a good month! I want to try my luck on how it does over there to fully post my thoughts. 

This is also why there have been a lack of posts because I have been eagerly preparing for the trip (my first time ever!) so be patient with me until I have everything sorted out.

This could be another post, so, let's get ahead and jump into some of the new beauty products that have invaded my life in the most prettiest of ways! 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Finding Your Sense of Style

This has something that has been an idea for the longest time, and the reason why I have been putting this idea off is because to put it simply, I'm not that much of a writer. Nor am I someone who claims to be an expert of any kind. I'm just a random girl who loves to dress up, dress down, and is still figuring things out. Trust me. I don't know what I'm doing half of the time.

Also because I'm not someone who particularly good with words and that's why I love to focus on imagery, visuals and all that. I like looking at pictures and having it speak for itself.

But here we go, I decided to finally do it because I thought it would be fun to do and also because I think if I had known about this before, I wouldn't have donned many outfits I cringe over the years. But, then again, if it weren't for that, I wouldn't be making my choices now! So, it depends!

I don't claim to be an expert, but after years of trials and error, I think I narrowed down my sense of style and from the tips I will suggest, I think you can find the confidence to know what's best for you and how you want to dress.


Beauty Inspiration: Artista Beauties feat. Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre & Liza Soberano

Time and time again, I will say that Instagram has been such source of inspiration for me. Style, beauty, places, etc. I have done many posts before talking about some of my favourite Instagrams and all that.

So why not add another one. 

One thing I will say that is new (maybe, I can't really recall) is that I do have a thing with following make up artists or make up gurus in general! I like how they can display their work and also share what products they use. It helps me narrow things down too, it beats me from getting overwhelmed on what to choose for myself. 

Some of the ones that I really get inspiration the most is from the works of Philippine showbiz because yes, I'm on the artista bandwagon, and yes again, I'm a fan of a lot of them and how effortlessly beautiful and stylish they all are.

I have featured some artistas that I am a fan of on here before if you haven't seen yet. I did one of Kathryn and Kim Chiu's style, another one about being inspired by a particular MEGA Magazine shoot, and the most recent one is why I adore Nadine and how her Instagram feed gives me feels.

Here, I'm bringing you a board of my favourite looks that these gorgeous ladies have worn thanks to their make up artists.
[x] [x] [x
Why I find such help from them in particular, is because I really can get a feel of what certain lips shades or how these products might look on me because, being a Filipino myself, I find I have the same skin tones and share similar features with them. So it's easier to compare a little bit because overall, every one will wear a particular shade in a different way based on your skin tone and the natural pigmentation of your lips. So again, it narrows it down in a way.

 Either way, it doesn't matter because it's what you can get inspired by is what matters. With the particular make up styles and how they wear it. Sometimes I'll see pictures seeing any one wear a particular shade of lipstick or an eye shadow I wouldn't dream of wearing myself, but seeing it on them makes me think otherwise! It's great and a great way to look for inspiration.

That's the beauty of make up that I love. The fact that is indeed so universal that literally, everyone can rock it in their own way, their own style.

I also really just wanted a space to collect all of my favourite looks too because every dose of inspiration is all I crave, especially in the beauty department.

Down below I curated a bunch (I'm not even lying, it took a long time!) of photos from each of the make up artists Instagram accounts. So, stop, hold your breath and soak in all the beauty because I cry sometimes on how beautiful these ladies really are. All of the individual photos I credited underneath in case you want to check out their feeds as well!