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What I'm Loving #10: Zara, Kate Spade, Nudestix & More!

These things for me will never get old. It's another post about some more of the things I've been loving and using a lot and I'm excited to share with you my love for them and my thoughts! Especially since we're nearing the end of the year, I had to just add one more post on some things I've been loving.

Zara Backpack with Zip: I was on the search for a minimal, cute, structured, small backpack that I could use on occasions where I needed to bring a bit more without having to worry about making my purse so heavy. 

I was watching this video by Anne from beautybitten that she talked about this backpack and I was sold. I was so happy it was from Zara and it did not take long for me to place that order. She also talks about it here, in her October favourites! And I have to agree, it's the perfect size that can carry so much! It's very roomy and it fits everything that I really need to bring. I know I wanted one because for days when I wanted to bring my DSLR camera and such without having to worry about having my purse hanging off my shoulder all the time. 

Plus, I just love the overall style of the backpack. The quality is great and I like the gold hardware. It can just go with everything and I also like how the straps are adjustable so you can really adjust it to your liking. I'm excited that I finally have a backpack that's small enough to bring everywhere and not something I feel so bulky with! 

Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Newsprint bag: I'll admit this one was mostly a purchase because I really thought it was the cutest thing. However, I'm using it so much I'm so, so glad I made that whim of a purchase. 

I like tote bags simply because they're there for you in times of need. I feel like they're so underrated and they are so useful, and need the love! I use this all the time when I have to work for my lunch bag, extra shoes, or for other things to place in there that you might not have to room for in your purse. I like this one from Kate Spade because it actually is quite sturdy and structured. A lot of tote bags that I've used in the past were very flimsy (obviously) but sometimes it just got annoying when I I place it on the floor, and having the contents spill out, or always having to adjust it on my shoulders because it would just flop all over the place. This one can stand on its own with having that need to flip over and when put on my shoulders, it fits quite comfortably without the hassle. It also has a cute pocket on the inside that can fit other things that you don't won't want to get lost in your bag and a place to reach things easily. 

What I really also loved (and the purpose of me getting it) was the style. I love the newsprint and I love how they are headlines that are super cute too. It's something that I know I like a lot because it can match with everything you wear given the black and white. 

Kat Von D's Shade + Light Contour Palette: When Sephora has their 20% discount going on, I always find a way to make a purchase, whether it's a big one or a small one. Buying the contour palette was on the list because I really needed to try it. I mean, have you seen my post on highlighting and contouring? Yeah. I had to! 

I know this and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit have been getting compared because it's obvious they're similar in looks and what its supposed to do. But, I went with my fave, Kat Von D, because I have been yet disappointed with her make up products and I remember swatching it when it first came out in store, and man, it was pigmented. Just my cup of tea. 

If you're cringing at the price (I know you're not the only one with make up) think about it this way, you're getting 6 shades in one ready-to-go palette. I know from experience, again refer to that previous blog post, I spent money on individual products for pretty much the same price. This one? Instead of one bronzer, you have three to select and choose from! 

It'll be easy to travel with, the packaging is sleek and light, and you have 6 different shades too to customize for your liking! You can't go wrong with that! Ever since getting it, it's the one that I keep consistently using to bronze, and also use the lighter shades to set my concealer and all that. So it's really a great product. 

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Pencils in Immortal and Twilight: Nudestix is fairly new to me, but I was always so curious because I loved the look of them from seeing them at Sephora. I decided to give it a try and first purchased the one in Immortal which is like this nice smoky, bronze which is right up my alley. I loved it so much I ended up buying another one in Twilight which is a nice taupe shade. 

These magnetic eye colour pencils are perfect for those who have oily lids. They are pigmented, creamy, and they're not drying at all. They last for a long time and my only thing is upon placing them on your eyelids, you need to act sort of quick in the blending because they do set very quickly! 

But that's what I love about them, you don't need to prime your lids and it really can also act as a great base for other shadows you want to layer with. 

Another thing I'm obsessed with is that for each pencil you buy, it comes in this sleek tin case with a mirror on the inside and a sharpener! It can fit up to 6 pencils, they say, and it's just great to have another container to place your things. 

I really want to get more of the shades from the Magnetic collection and also want to try the rest of their collection! I heard their lip and cheek pencils are so good too! Up next on my list!  

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork: I've been loving the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as my eye lid primer, that I grew curious with groundwork because I thought it would be a nice addition to my cream eyeshadow collection. I like it because it's still natural but that tint of the taupe adds a bit more something. You can leave it on its own, and you feel put together. Or what I like to do when I have the time, is to add another brown shimmer shadow along the middle to just highlight and emphasize the lids. It's subtle but I love that natural feel to it. That and mascara, I'm ready! 

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach: I've heard good things from this corrector and it wasn't until one of my precious friends, Mary, explained to me why it's so good, I decided to purchase it. And yup, been using it every day. 

This was my problem with concealer, I have such dark circles (hi team no sleep), and for the concealer to do its actual job, it would be great to cancel out and neutralize the darkness under the eyes then set it with concealer. I noticed a magnificent change as soon as I started using the corrector first and then do what my concealer routine. My darker circles aren't, well, dark, and it's now brighter when everything is done. Much needed when I lack the sleep and look exhausted. 

 Now I can't seem to part ways with the corrector. I understand the appeal now! 

And we made it to the end! This is most likely the last post for 2015. I hope every one had a wonderful holiday and wishing for more happiness and joy for the new year ahead! I'll see you in the next post. Next year!

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