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What I'm Loving #9: More Nars, Lancôme, Sam Edelman

It's that time where I get to share with you more favourites of mine that I've been loving a lot so far. I tend to space them out a lot because there's a lot to take in when it comes to these posts and so if you haven't noticed, I did dedicate an entire tag out of them obviously called 'what i'm loving' in case you just want to see all of the objects and things taken over my life.

Batiste Dry Shampoo: A random but truly an essential, I'm starting off with this bad boy. For me, dry shampoo has been a hit or a miss with me. I think it was because I never found a good product that really worked? Or truly seen the results. But now I have no fear, because Batiste saved the day.

I'm trying not to wash my hair often because for obvious reasons, it's best not to over do it a whole ton. My problem was that my hair tends to get oily after two days maybe? And it's annoying to have to keep washing and keep having to be motivated to add the style back into my hair. I have very thick and sometimes wavy hair naturally. So you can imagine my dilemma.

This Batiste dry shampoo is a life saver! Not only does it smell fresh, it adds volume and bounce to my roots? And it's just super nice to know that this one actually works and I don't have to add too much effort besides just spraying to my roots really quickly and brushing it out. I'm a believer and now I will depend on this with my life. I have been using it a whole ton, and I am super impressed.

NARS Cosmetics Audacious Lipstick in Jane: I actually don't recall a time that I talked about this specific shade before on the blog, as this is an older purchase, but I am now as I have been using it so much more now than ever before. I think it's because it's that shade so true to what Fall is to me. So it's been a perfect time to bring it out. It's described to be a terracotta rose and it's something I don't have in my lipstick collection. It's pretty different and that's what attracted me to purchasing it to begin with. This and the blush I am going to talk about it below has been a combo I am obsessed with pairing it with.

NARS Cosmetics Blush in Madly: This is my #1 most used blush at the moment. I know, it's one of those shades that if you see it in the pan, you don't truly think it's anything special... But haven't they told us, looks can be deceiving?

I first heard of this shade while watching this video from KathleenLights. She used this shade as her blush and I was so in love with the turn out. Now, I know we have different skin tones, but as I looked further into the depths of the internet, it looked so pretty and subtle that I just had to own it and wear it as well.

The blush is described to be this seashell pink and it's so pretty! I really wanted it to because when I wear a bold dark lip, or a bold red lip, this is the perfect blush to add on the apples of your cheeks to add that hint of a flush. It's nice, subtle, and it's really good for those that don't want too much colour on their face but enough to add a bit of that oomph to your look. It just goes with everything. It also adds more to your contour, if you're into that as well.  Highly recommend!

Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Colour in Russet Luster: Going with that cooler season life, this one is on par with the lipstick shade that is Jane from Nars. If you haven't seen the posts that I have been obsessed with Sephora's Cream Lip Stains, where have you been?! Those lip stains are amazing and still recommend them wholeheartedly. This time, I'm talking about their newer ones that are twice the size and have a nice array of shades as well! And this Russet Luster is right up my alley.

The formula is much more creamier and thicker in consistency I feel than the lip stains, but still remains on your lips forever. This shade I gravitated towards because, again, it's different to begin with. For me at least. I love how it's true to being bold but it's not so bright that it's easier to transition and wear it in many ways. With a fresh faced look, a smokey eye, etc. It's that shade that is really versatile and this is why I love these deep shades.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara:  Lately I've been obsessed with this YouTuber, Allanarama.

She has all those qualities you love to watch. She's genuine, funny, entertaining and super sweet. All of the above! Not to mention, I find her so beautiful! I love her make up looks and I literally binged watch her videos upon discovering her one night. Literally. All night. So, I suggest you go watch her stuff because you won't be sorry. 

Upon watching those videos, I noticed she'd been loving this mascara from Lancôme. And I had to try, her lashes always look on point! So I decided to give them a try since, why not, I don't mind rotating my mascaras and still wanting to reach that doll-eyed effect without falsies. And I like this one a lot!

One thing though, there is a strong scent. I remember reading some reviews and few had that common statement that it does have a strong odour to it. So if you're sensitive to strong odours and such, maybe you should see the sample and see if it will bother you. I think it's because I'm already so used to it, I don't find it bothersome? But you can be the judge.   

Thing I like about it? The wand is tapered at the end which makes it super great to get those pesky little lashes near the edge of your eye. The formula is very creamy that one coat from the roots to your lashes and upwards, gives a nice fluttery effect. It can get a bit spidery though, but I really like that? It does tend to dry quick but if you're lucky enough you can get away with it. This stuff is great if you want that voluminous, thick effect, and after several coats, it does its job.

Sam Edelman Petty Boots in Tan Putty Suede: Back in July, I remember I posted a wish list of things I really wanted and these pair of boots were one of them. Here's that post. And right after posting that, I remember just purchasing them. And no freakin' regrets!

In more of my recent outfit posts, these are the shoes I have been wearing. In a lot of my Instagram posts too, it's the same thing. These go with everything. They can be dressed up, dressed down, and this cemented my reasons why I wanted them so much. They're the perfect height (I am a shorty!) and can be worn in so many ways because of that tan shade. The price is scary, yes, but I've been wearing it a ton that I find them so worth it then having to go through other ankle boots.

Although, at first, it took maybe one or two wears to break them in. They were a bit stiff, but like all shoes, you got to sacrifice. I find them now, after wearing it more than once, they fit more to my foot and are my comfortable. With more wears, I'm sure it'll ease in much easy as well.

I've been also getting a lot of compliments when I wear them too, so it's just great. It's a great pair. I'm leaning on trying to see if I can purchase the black ones since I know what I have to deal with too.

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