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All in the Comfort

Hat: ASOS / Sweater: Lord & Taylor / Jeans: H&M / Boots: Madelaine from Winners
Photo credits: Austine Ortencio (Thanks Sis!) 

This look is what I like to call chilly and comfort all in one. This one was quite spontaneous as I had little time to get ready, I originally had blue jeans on, but I decided to swap them with these ones from H&M because I thought it matched better with the mustard yellow.

I love my knit sweaters and I love just comfortable clothing you can get away with indoors and outside. These jeans are the comfiest! I'm quite surprised because I tend to have difficulty finding good pairs of bottoms from H&M in general. The fits with their bottoms always end up being weird, but these fit like a glove! I think they're called the 'girlfriend' fit, so it's a bit more looser than your typical skinny. It is also super high-waisted which is a plus in my book.

The knit is a nice touch for what was a chilly day and the hat was a good cover up for my lazy bed head that resulted me in putting into a bun. Finished off with these boots from Winners that I found recently and love and we were good to go!

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