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Beauty Inspiration: Beauty Steps To Conquer Your Morning

I've always loved the process of putting on make up. It's something that is quite therapeutic for me. I wake up a little bit earlier just so I can fully take my time and decide what look I want to go for that day.

However, there are days where I rather not deal with that and there I am waking up in a mad hurry to get ready for what's going to be thrown at me and I'm in that rush, rush, rush. 

There are days where I won't even bother for a full face and master the quick steps to make it seem like I have my life together when in reality, I ask myself, where's the coffee and if I can have another cup. 


What I'm Loving #9: More Nars, Lancôme, Sam Edelman

It's that time where I get to share with you more favourites of mine that I've been loving a lot so far. I tend to space them out a lot because there's a lot to take in when it comes to these posts and so if you haven't noticed, I did dedicate an entire tag out of them obviously called 'what i'm loving' in case you just want to see all of the objects and things taken over my life.


Inspiration: Why You Should Follow Nadine Lustre on Instagram

Photos from her Instagram: @nadzlustre
Let's face it, there are so many individuals that are so on point with their social media. If it hasn't been obvious (from previous posts) I love Instagram for the very reason that it provides a glimpse into someone's life but with filters and pleasing visuals for every one to notice. 

Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre on Instagram!) is one of those ladies that I'm always saying 'Yaaaaas' when I see she uploads a photo onto her feed. You can tell she puts in a lot of time and effort onto her feed and it's only right! I think it's so nice to see people that have visually pleasing Instagram feeds. They provide such great inspiration. Plus she's one of my favourite actresses in the Philippine industry. So it's a win-win. 

Photos from her Instagram: @nadzlustre
So who is Nadine Lustre and why am I a fan?! Let's break down the facts. 
  • She's an actress/singer based in the Philippines. 
  • She's 22 years old and she's a Halloween baby, so happy belated birthday!!!!
  • She's one half of one of the most popular love teams (Unfamiliar with the term 'love teams'? It's pretty much an OTP/ship that many of fans love and support, I think we have all experience in a fandom of sorts) with no other than James Reid, who also has a very good eye on Instagram as well. I mean. Look here.
  • Their show, that's airing right now, called On The Wings of Love is killing it right now and I flail each time when I watch an episode. So good. 
  • And oh yeah, her Instagram? Is goals. And this is why we are here.