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Wish List: Fall Weather

Now that we are in the full swing of things into the Fall season. I would like to share more of my love with more things I wish to have in my own closet. Again? Again. 

I probably own way too many things already but you should already know me. It's like a fresh beginning! Out with the old and into the new! You'll see what I mean in a moment. 

Aldo Shoes CYNDY boots & Aldo Shoes MARYSE flats

I have been on the search for the perfect fringed boot! I am obsessed with fringe and I really am into that 70s trend that every one seems to be loving these days. When I was browsing through Aldo one day, I saw these and I gasped. They're gorgeous! They just are so reminiscent of that time. Perfect with a dress or some skinny jeans, they would really amp your outfit even more. 

The next pair of shoes I long for are some simple black pointed shoes like these ones! Now these are so 'borrowed from the boys' look which I love a lot and it's just those pair of shoes that would go with everything you know? Trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses... You can do a lot with it and you can never go wrong with anything that is black in your wardrobe. It's a staple.  

[x], [x], [x], [x], [x] 

Coats are the most wonderful statement piece you can make in the colder months. It's all you'll ever wear, it's a stand-out piece, and no matter what? People will immediately see you in it, because well, you're going to have to wear it.

I have my fair share of coats, but ha, I'm still not satisfied! This time around I'm looking for a very well made, wide-lapel coat that cinches at the waist. I went browsing online for what I would love and these are the ones that came at me and made an impression! They're timeless you know? And if I can own one more (or two) I would! 

Marc By Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Satchel 

'Small Too Hot To Handle' Leather Tote [x] 

Up until now, I still love and use my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Natasha Q bag. It's perhaps my most favourite investment fashion piece I have ever made. It's still holds up well and with time it's been great to use.

However, I want to add just one more into my collection! Another Marc by Marc Jacobs purse that I could probably rotate with every now and then and this is the next one up on my list! I have these two in mind! They're actually really similar in terms of their looks but I think that's why I'm a bit over the fence on which one to get, if I decide to get!

I learned that it's so much better to invest in good, quality items as opposed to the cheaper alternatives every now and then. Why? Think of how much money you end up spending on different purses from time to time when it doesn't hold up to it's quality. Sure, you spent an affordable price for it but you'll end up spending more money on all those bags collecting up! All that money could have simply gone with a good quality bag.

The only bag I use every day still is my Marc Jacobs one, and I haven't looked back since.

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