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What I'm Loving #8: Quay Australia, Charlotte Tilbury, Becca Cosmetics & more!

That time is already here as I have gathered enough items to share with you all my recent favourites I've been loving! Here we have some sunglasses, a nail polish, more make up. What else is really new though?

Quay Australia Sunglasses: My Girl (Where I got mine at the time: Urban Outfitters), Tainted Love, China Doll, Chelsea Girl

Quay Australia has been a line that I've seen a lot of through social media. Understandably so, given the fact that all of the sunglasses are gorgeous and dare I say, bad-ass? A lot of the YouTubers, bloggers, celebrities and perhaps nearly everyone have donned a pair and yep, I jumped on the bandwagon.

I got the most coveted My Girl (which was sold out at the time I purchased it, but there are other outlets to go and buy them! I got mine from Urban Outfitters!), Tainted Love, China Doll & the Chelsea Girl.

I had gotten the My Girl on a whim because I mean look at them. It was time, no? I can tell why they're one of the most popular ones and why it's been sold out nearly everywhere. They're a nice size, comfortable, and I mean the blue-mirrored lenses?! They are everything. Then I decided you know what, how about one more? Tainted Love happened. I chose the gold because I love gold hardware and again, the mirrored lenses!

I clearly thought 2 wasn't enough so, why not 2 more?! Crazy, I know. I wanted some big round lenses, and the Chelsea Girl fitted the bill and they were on sale for half off! Score. The China Doll was the one I contemplated before even purchasing the My Girl's and so I caved and got it in the all black because I wanted something more simpler for a change. Ha.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 105 Bare It All: I'm always searching for that neutral nail that goes with everything. I think I found one of them on the highest scale! I am a big fan of Sally Hansen ever since I could remember for the longevity and most importantly, the affordable price. Bare It All is the quintessential nude pink and no joke, been wearing it for a good amount of time, and still remains in tack. I'm even thinking of re-applying another coat, I love it that much. It's natural, subtle, and it just adds an overall clean look. It goes with everything and it can be worn all year round.

Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow: If you haven't known by now, I'm definitely a contour and glow addict. After much contemplation and pondering, I decided to cave and get what I had wished to have in my own collection, this beauty!

Look at the gorgeous packaging. I feel like packaging is so important (and it's my weakness, let's be real) and I just had to. This one doesn't fail in that department! And I love how compact it is! I noticed the bronze and the highlighter is not as in-your-face as the ones I have currently, but I love how subtle it is. It truly gives you that glow from within and it's great for an every day simplified look if you love that.

Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop: To be quite honest, one thing I dislike about certain brands is how they release limited-edition products. The reason being? When it's gone, well, it's gone! I can't get them ever again! Selfish reasons maybe, but this was the reason why I held back purchasing this one in particular. 

Jaclyn Hill is well known on You Tube and when I saw they were releasing this beauty, I gasped and had to refrain from purchasing because it was limited edition, that, and it was always sold out. 

Then I saw it was available and I went, why not? 

And I have no regrets! Such a bummer that it is a limited time thing and when I do hit pan, it'll be the end. But hopefully they can change their minds? This highlighter is beautiful. So gorgeous and very different unlike what I had thought beforehand. It has flicks of gold and of course, champagne throughout and boy is it pigmented. Just my kind of highlighter! I have been using it a lot since getting it and even the most tiniest amounts results in something visible and golden. Very perfect as I am trying so hard not to use all of it and finishing it too quick! This highlighter is a winner! 

MAC Cosmetics lipstick in Media: Another lipstick, no big deal. I have a thing for the pinks, peach tones and corals, but not a lot of darker shades. I want to step up my game and thinking it's that time of year again to bust out the darker hues and knits, why not? I finally got bold enough to try out Media by MAC and it's just gorgeous. It's a satin finish and it's described as, an intense, reddish-purple. It's gorgeous. But this reminds me of that brick, oxford blood red that I've been searching for. This with a darker lip liner for to intensify? I am excited. Look out, world.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Dark Brown: Ah, eyebrows are so important. And finding the tools to perfect your eyebrow game is also equally important. For a while, I had been using the Brow Wiz, and as much as I loved it, I realized how fast it seemed to run out (I had bought my second one, and after a couple of weeks, I had finished the entire thing) and was a bit disappointed! For that much money, you want it to be worth it. And to fork out 27 bucks and for it to be dunzo in a matter of time wasn't doing it for me. Now, there was also brow pencil but it was a couple bucks more, and I tried to be logical about it.

I decided to get the brow pencil and so much better and longer lasting! It's much thicker than the brow whiz and I have yet to really sharpen it because it doesn't run out as easily as the brow whiz has done! It fills in nicely and with a clear brow gel on top? I perfected my eye brow game!

That ends the posts on what I've been using and really loving. I know there will be more in the long run, but for now, I hope you guys enjoyed the post! Thanks for reading! 

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