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Wardrobe Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens

It's been some time that I have done a wardrobe inspiration post. This time I have decided to go all in and do a post on someone who I've been meaning to for the longest time. Vanessa Hudgens! 

Known for her bohemian choices, she has made her mark in the style game with that bohemian flair. She's bold, free-spirited and isn't afraid to wear whatever she likes. That's the beauty of having your own personal sense of style, and Vanessa does that in strides. Thanks to the online photo gallery from for the array of photos, for without them, this wouldn't be so much harder to complete!

Click below for why I'm a huge fan of hers and why this was probably years in the making.

If you knew me in high school, you would definitely know I was maybe one of the biggest fans of the  High School Musical franchise. I had the soundtrack, I knew all the songs, I knew the finale dance at one point. Remember that Dance Along? I would always joke around with inserting the song lyrics into real life conversations... I was an avid follower of the cast for a long time (together and even individual projects too), even more so than getting equally stoked that the last movie, Senior Year, would premiere during my own senior year. Was this a coincidence?! Yes... But I liked to think it was fate, okay. 

Yep, I was obsessed. And Vanessa Hudgens was included most definitely. I had always admired her as a person and as a style guru. I have both of her full-length albums (Let's Dance from her first album is still my favourite of hers) and have been loving her since then and seeing her transform as an actress, performer and also seeing her style evolve over the years, I just had to. 

Well finally, after what, 7 years?! Here we are! This blog exists and so this post was ready to happen. 

Over the years, I have maybe have so many outfits she's worn that I love to death. Considering it's 2015 and she's been seen everywhere, I decided to narrow down the outfit choices in most recent times. While she was performing as Gigi on broadway, she was seen on the streets of New York and my, my, her outfits were on point. So needless to say, a lot of them are going to be from that time and then some from just this year. If I had done since the beginning of time when I first became a fan? This would be 10 part series. So this would be around 2013 until now!

Here are my favourite choices she's worn candidly and on the red carpet. She's always so daring, bold, and just fun.

It's always an interesting thing to see what she's going to wear next because it can go either way! And I love that about her choices. There were so many to choose from but there were the ones that stick out the most for me! I do tend to have a thing or two for certain trends and styles, if you haven't noticed. Have any particular favourites? I miss doing theses posts a lot, so I plan to hopefully do more in the future. If you like to see more of the people I featured you can view them here!

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