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Favourites: 5 Reasons Why I love Fall

Now that Fall is finally here! Yay! I figure we need to discuss it. I mentioned so many times how much I adore the fall season and the wonderful things it brings. However, I have not yet, really had a post listing reasons why this season is my absolute favourite. So... Why not? I do what I wanna do. 

Here are my 5 reasons why I love Fall so, so much.


Wish List: Dainty Details with Sachi Jewelry

I think it is safe to say how much I love jewelry. In the last favourite post I mentioned a few of my recent purchases and in the past I did a post on my favourite statement necklaces I love to wear. 

Lately, I've been really into the dainty appeal that certain accessories and jewelry have. I love the fact that they're delicate, feminine and have that versatility when putting your outfits together. You can add it a simple necklace for a nice finishing touch, or you can layer different pieces and still it would look chic and effortless. 

On that note, I also been realizing how important the idea of quality instead of quantity. What's most important is to invest in the pieces you know you'll use often and know you can transition to time after time. Jewelry and accessories are worth it for me to invest.  

Unfortunately, as much as I want all the things in the world, these things take time. But I can definitely dream and save up for later, right? 

This segment of my wish list will be talking about a jewelry line that I am loving to window-shop for: Sachi Jewelry.

All photos are not mine and all from the Sachi Jewerly website! I linked/sourced all of them underneath!