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What I'm Loving #7: Nars, Make Up Geek, Aldo, Jenny Bird & Made by Graham

Here's to a new post on some of my favourites I've been using and of course, loving! Here we have more make up and a bit of style bits too. So without further ado, let's jump right into it.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz: I've been debating for a while whether to invest in their foundation for a while. I heard many positive reviews on both the Sheer Glow and their All Day Luminous Weightless foundation. It's still high up on my lists of beauty products to try, but I think it was fitting to try the tinted moisturizer first! I figure since we've been still getting that warmer, humid weather? This would be the best choice. Because of how light weight it is, it's translucent enough to not cover everything yet still evens out your skin tone. And since it's tinted, 
it does have that slight coverage! I've been using it every day since purchasing it, and I got to say, I'm in love with it. I use a little of my Aveeno daily moisturizer first, and then use a bit of this all over on top. 

Make Up Geek Eyeshadows with small Z Palette: After watching many YouTube make up tutorials, I figure it was time to try out the line that is Make Up Geek! From observing them through videos, I love how pigmented and easy it seems to apply. They're also so gorgeous with each shade I have seen! I decided for my first purchase to try out 6 of their eyeshadows that I knew I wanted to try out for sure, and then the Z palette to put them in.  The Z palette is one that I love because you can customize your own palette for your own liking! Plus with the eye shadow pans, it's not as expensive as you buying an actual, single eyeshadow. It's a win-win! 

I was a bit hesitant on how the ordering/shipping would turn out, given that I live in Canada! But it went smoothly and faster than expected (it came in around a week or so!) and I am already looking forward to making another order to fill out the rest of the small palette! Keep in mind when ordering internationally, they price their products in U.S currency, so expect a different total charged on your statement. 

The eyeshadows I decided to really get were the eyeshadows in Peaches SmoothieBeaches and Cream and then their foiled eyeshadows in Starry EyedIn the SpotlightGrandstand and Flame Thrower

I definitely wanted to just buy all the foiled eyeshadows as they are right up my alley.  But I knew it would be smart as well to buy 2 matte shades to balance it out. And also used as great transition shades. Always a must. Needless to say they are very creamy and pigmented! Highly recommend if you're looking for eye shadows to try! There's many to choose from and again, because of the individual, magnetic pans it comes in - it's easier to customize. 

ALDO Clutch called CABRAS: I remember seeing this for the first time, and really wanted to get it right there and then! However, logic got to the best of me, and I established that I did want it... But I didn't really need it. A few weeks back it went on clearance for $24 or so, and I knew! It was a sign that I needed it in my life, and there was no turning back!

What attracted to me about this piece was how elegant and unique it was! The fact that it's meant to look like a novel but used as a clutch/bag was such a wonderful and perfect idea to have to accessorize! It's big enough to fit all your essentials without remaining too big. And because of that unique concept of it looking like a book, it's also such a great idea to add as a decor piece on your shelf! I decided to place it near my make up and vanity as it adds that elegant touch to the decor!

Two Gold Initial Tags Necklace, Made By Graham: It wasn't until I was watching Connie's (thisolddress) July Favourite Videos that I knew about this line! She talked about three different necklaces in her video and I was immediately drawn to the the gold initial tag necklace. I loved how delicate and dainty (I seem to love this word a lot) the necklace was. And with this piece in particular, this is actually hand-stamped! And it's not from a machine of some sort, so it adds to that personalized and customized feel, that I love.

 I also am into investing pieces that can last me a long time! I love necklaces from affordable places, but it always annoys me how the "fake" the gold can wear/peel off and it's not as pretty anymore. At least with pieces like this that are gold filled, this can last me a while and I don't have to worry ruining it as much! P.S. This is also great for yourself of course, but for a gift for somebody as well!

Jenny Bird x Indigo collection, Billow Crawler Earring (Gold) & Small Lotus Pendant (Gold): As soon as I found out Jenny Bird and Indigo have collaborated to release a collection, I knew I had to own some pieces, if not, all. But we can't have it all, can we? I decided to opt for the pieces I knew I would love to death and could wear every day in different ways for myself!

 As a whole, what I love about this collection is Jenny Bird's take on the classic statement that is the pearl. It's sweet but edgy and I'm all about that mix of both looks and that sense of balance, and this is why I couldn't help but cave to buying these! They're super sweet and dainty and I'm looking forward to styling them as I please! Perhaps, if it's still available, I can purchase a few more pieces. But for now, I'll sit here and obsess over these pieces.

 I already gotten compliments with the earrings too! I seem to have been wearing them on a daily basis because it's small but makes a significant impact when you have your hair up! And I always have my hair up because of this humid, weather we've been getting. 

All of these pieces have such a nice and delicate touch on them and also could provide great layering with other jewelry as well!

Update: I just lost one of the earrings and I'm so sad!!! This just means hopefully I can buy another pair! I have the worst luck in earrings, I swear. 

So, this concludes this chapter of what I'm loving! It's a little different from the others because I've added jewelry. And I have yet to do that! Until the next one, I hope you guys have a great day! 

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