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Girl Crush: Meeting Jamie Chung

So this happened. If you haven't been following me on my Instagram, you might have already seen the photo...But as seen in the title, I met Jamie Chung and she was the best! Bear with me as I describe as much as I can in detail on what had transpired. I want to preserve as much as I can from this memory, so lots of details and photos ahead!

Dress: 424 Lord & Taylor, Hudson's Bay / Shoes: Aldo / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Let's go with a play-by-play, shall we?

First things first, what was happening?! Sephora was having a Make Up Forever event with Jamie Chung because she is one of the faces of their Be Bold campaign. Their tagline simply states, Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You. I love it because that's what make up should be about! Have fun and be yourself, and don't be afraid to think outside of the box! I'm all for that. There also came a limited edition eye shadow palette which you can view here!

Despite this post, the details and the photos here,  I didn't even know such thing was happening?! which was strange, because usually I would immediately would have jumped on it had I known! I do get the emails! I guess I might have missed it? Either way, it wasn't until one my dear friend, Mary,  asked me through text two days before the event, "Are you going to see Jamie Chung this Friday?!" To which I replied "OMG WHAT?" I needed to go and was so stoked to find out I had the day off! 

She knew how much I was a fan and so, if you don't know why now? Well I think it's a fact that I love Jamie Chung and literally consider her as one of my style mavens I look up to. You can check out the post here, describing how much I love her and her sense of style. I'm so thankful that my Mary came with me as my partner in crime because without her I wouldn't have gone through with it! 

Let me also tell you something, I'm someone who likes to prepare in advance and literally will read into everything! A blessing sometimes, a curse as well. As we established we would go for sure, we kept going back and forth chatting on how many people would show up, if we needed to get there really early, if we would even have the chance to actually see her! In the end, we decided to go with the flow and meet up before 1 p.m. (as it was starting at that time!) and wing it. Thankfully it did not disappoint!

We arrived at the mall by noon, and we were already so anxious if there was going to be this long line up! However as we neared the Sephora, to our luck, no line up! No crowd! We were set! We just had to be in the store for an hour to guarantee a spot of some sort. We were good! After much wandering and looking around, which was so tempting and dangerous for me, we decided to near the red carpet booth and wait it out. As we were taking some shots and waiting, all of the sudden, SHE HAD ARRIVED. I didn't know when or how, but I immediately turned around and saw her and literally exclaimed to Mary, "OH MY GOD, SHE'S HERE!!!!" "WHERE?" "Over there! She has a drink!!!!!" Lots of exclamation points and caps lock to display how excited I was. Don't judge. Thank goodness for  Mary, guys. She was able to get some shots of that initial encounter! While I just stared. 

First off, in person, Jamie looked amazing. I was standing not so far away and had to just take a moment to just look at her. Creeper status, probably. But you would do the same, okay!? I was anticipating what she would wear too, of course, and her outfit was so on point. She was as gorgeous ever in person. Look at her outfit! Look at her bag! This is why she's up there on my list of favourite, stylish people. Ever. I needed to add this additional shot Mary took of her blouse, because it was actually backless! So unique! Jamie, can we share closets?

As soon as she had arrived, she had to retrieve to the back to freshen up, get ready, as it wasn't even time to do the meet up. We were able to secure a really great spot in line! In the general line up, we were second?! After those who had RSVP'd. Pretty great, if you ask me.  It was honestly such a good time observing everyone else before us interact with her. Jamie has this happy, bubbly, positive personality! I love that. She was super comfortable, down to earth chatting with everyone, smiling, and being so cute with taking selfies.  She was so giving and so up for meeting every one who had arrived. Giving hugs too  It made me that more excited. Excited but also thinking, WHAT AM I GOING TO EVEN SAY TO HER? WILL I EVEN SAY ANYTHING???

I'm someone who gets so nervous easily and so shy with speaking to people at times! I just freeze. I was literally telling Mary, "I can't do this! What are we going to say? What am I going to do!!!!" I was so nervous because when does this ever happen?! I told Mary she could go first, because heck, I was still trying to keep it together. It was about to go down. Here's Mary with Jamie. Look at how cute they are! I also love how they are matching too.

It was soon my turn! I remember putting my hands up to my mouth in awe giving out a hushed, "Oh my gosh, so nice to meet you!" when I came up to her! As soon as I came up to her for a hug, she commented that she loved my pineapple printed dress and that she wished (along the lines of) she wore something like it? And then I immediately responded to, "I love what you're wearing! We can switch outfits!" Using big hand gestures (I'm so awkward, guys) to show how much I loved her outfit. I would! Totally would!

When we were posing for the picture, for the booth, I realized I didn't tell her my name (I would do that, I get so anxious!) so I told her my name when she asked, and then as she looked at me, she went on to say, "Your make up is so pretty." Something like that. Can we just stop for a moment. For what the event was and for her to compliment me on that?! I needed to take that in so I remember thanking her and feeling so thankful?! I remember smiling so hard and just looking at her in awe. HA, so awkward! She was so friendly. Then 3, 2, 1, we took our booth photo!

How is she real? How? Cue in Beyonce's Flawless, because yeah. She was. 

 Soon after, I knew I had to tell her everything that I wanted to tell her. I had to do it quick because the line up was getting longer and time was precious! In one big breath, I looked up to her and pretty much gushed on how much I loved her and everything in between! I kept going on saying how she was one of my favourite go-to style inspirations and that I loved her blog and all her outfit posts she as on there. If you haven't seen, please go to What the Chung? and see for yourself if you haven't already.

After the rushed declaration, I continued to say that I loved her so much that on my own blog, I even featured her in an entire post. I think I asked her if I could show her and she agreed! As soon as I was waiting for it to upload on my phone, she said, "Oh! Maybe you should help me with mine!" Again, can we take a moment of silence. I just. I don't think I even replied but to laugh maybe? I was too in awe that she mentioned that and had the opportunity to even show her. As I was scrolling for her to see it, she said she recognized it and then said, "Oh! Wow! I think I saw this! Pretty Ensembles! Yeah!" And I wanted to cry! So encouraging and motivating for me. Right after she said "Yeah, I'll follow you!" And then I wanted to cry some more.

Crying happy tears and being awkward is definitely a reoccurring theme in my life, let's be real.

After I showed her, I asked for some selfies! I asked, "Maybe you can do it? You have a longer arm?" Haha, she replied with "I'll take that as a compliment!" and we took 6! She was the sweetest for taking that many and doing such silly poses! She was game. I was so nervous to even do more than I am capable of but so happy with how these turned out!

I then told her if she could sign the free mirror they were giving out and of course, she did! I told her that I would definitely post about this on my blog and that I loved her in Sucker Punch! She was so gracious and thanked me.

That was that, and we were off! I just would like to thank Jamie for ever being the sweetest with everybody and that I'm so honoured to have met her! She was the kindest and this encounter validates my love for her even more. I will continue to be a fan and always looking forward for future endeavours she decides to pursue! 

Thank you Make Up Forever for having such a fun event for us all! It was super cute and fab, and such a great experience!

Thank you so much Jamie! You sparked that inner desire for me to continue with the blogging and for always stepping up my fashion game. I'm excited for you and looking forward for what's to come for you! Thank you for being an absolute doll. It felt like the coolest dream come true for me! Hope you had a great time in Toronto, and hopefully you'll be back again! 


Alyssa aka the girl wearing the pineapple-printed dress.

P.S. I would also like to thank Mary for taking most of these shots! Some were by me, but mostly from hers! We also strictly just used our phones! Which hey, the quality seemed pretty good! She's amazing at capturing many of these moments that I won't forget. Credit is to her and I'm thankful forever to have a best buddy so game to take as many photos as she can! I love you Mary! What would I even do without you!

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