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Favourites: 3 YouTube Channels I'm Currently Into

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I mentioned it in a few posts mentioning where I love to seek inspiration from, and that's through YouTube and through videos. I mentioned many YouTubers I've been loving in a few previous posts! And here are a few more channels I've been recently into! I'm always seeking out for new content to either stream or let's be real, binge watch! So here are some of the ladies I've been loving so far! 

I am subscribed to both ELLE Canada and Flare Magazine on YouTube, and recently I have been loving their new series they have called #beautyplaylist for ELLE and Beauty Battle for FLARE. They are fun to watch because you get to be introduced to beauty products each week! Who doesn't love to know more about new beauty products?! On top of that, both ladies that are hosting are doing such a fabulous job articulating honest and genuine reviews! 

Elle Canada

+ELLE Canada 
With Elle Canada, Marisa Roy, she is given a new task each week to create a look from the products they give her. I love it because you get to fully see Marisa utilize each product on their own and see how seamlessly it goes together in a look she creates all on her own. 

Flare Magazine

Flare's Beauty Battle, Claudia, puts 2 products that are similar in nature but are from different brands, and Claudia puts both to the test as she compares the two! It's short and sweet, and she does a great job describing each product and you get to see the result one after the other. She then declares the winner of her choice while also citing the traits of each product as well! Every one has different preferences, and she describes each product perfectly. 

All in all, I love it too how simple but effective these ideas are and having it through an online platform like this is extremely helpful for those needing that extra boost in figuring out what make up products work best. 

Hopefully the magazines get the idea to do a style based theme of some sort and do a weekly segment! Like styling a certain item each week? Featuring popular places to shop in around Toronto, perhaps? Something that will be useful for viewers and their audience! It would be cool to see, and I would be definitely watching that's for sure!

Life By Jazz

Instagram: @LifeByJazz
 +Jazmine May Graza (LifeByJazz) 

Life by Jazz, is a recent channel (she also has a blog!) I have been watching and literally binging these last couple of days because her videos are amazingly inspiring.

 All of her videos make me genuinely reflect and I feel like she's like a life mentor that I never had but wished I had! And the fact she's sharing her wisdom and her guidance online for us all is so wonderful. I know when you watch her videos and see what she has to offer, you feel enlightened and motivated to get off your butt and go after what you want. She talks about how important it is to brand yourself, how to land that Summer job, how to create a powerful visual board, how to find career clarity, etc! All things perhaps you never thought of seriously or maybe took for granted.

She makes me think and by  getting to know her through her videos, I am in awe of how she maintains it all with a positive attitude. She's definitely someone I am a fan of and will continue to watch as she keeps on motivating me to figure what I want in life. 

And here are my recent video favourites! What are yours? Any particular people you're subscribed to? I would love to know! I'm always looking for more inspiring people to watch! 

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