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Beauty Favourites: How I Organize My Make Up Stash

Ever since I got into the love of make up and all things beauty, it became visually apparent on how little my space and storage room was. I always love to collect and let's be real, hoard??? It's become a habit that sometimes I forget that happens, but when it becomes really obvious I need to organize and maybe let go. I do.

I try, anyway.

Previously on the blog, I did share some of my eye shadow palette collection, my lipstick favourites, highlighters and bronzersmy make up brushes, and mainly all my make up products that I've been loving, which you can view under the tag: beauty. I showed you all of it but I haven't showed you how I store and organize them. 

I think I finally perfected how I wanted to store my make up and now I'm confident enough to show you now! 

First things first, my room is not the biggest and in other corners of my room, I still need to figure it all out and still need to find ways to store my things. My closet? HA, HA. That's something else.

My vanity/desk is in one corner of my room (you can view it here on my room post) and where my desk and drawers meet, that's where the beauty prep happens.

I try to organize things based  on what I do and what I grab onto first. So on my desk/vanity? I have all my face essentials there right in front of me! I have my foundations, moisturizers, powders all on that ledge.

Then we have my eye shadow and face brushes of all sorts in one corner. 

And on the opposite corner I have this:

This is where again, lies all the products I know I will use, therefore I placed it in an area that I know that is quick and easy for me to latch onto. This organizer was from Winners. It's the perfect size to fit on the right hand corner.

I have all my highlighter powders placed side by side, as I have all my concealers, mascaras and eye liners, brow products placed into each compartment/divider. I know this is for the use of lipsticks, but it's still big enough to hold those things and it's easy for me to see which is which as I like to use different products on a daily basis.

Then we have my drawers. 

In the first drawer, I mainly have all my blushes and other face products I don't use as often as those placed on top of my desk. Second drawer is not shown and is not as interesting as it is partially broken and used for my hair stuff... Which is messy, so, not today. 

I bought these 2 drawer organizers from Muji, which is my favourite place now. It holds all the products neatly and overall it just looks clean and organized. I love it and makes me so happy everything it not as cluttered as it was before!

These are all my blushes that I love and use frequently. The gold clutch-looking product is from Tarte and it's the one with 5 blushes on the inside. It's one of my favourite purchases! 

The mini one is usually all the miscellaneous products that I can't seem to find a place to put them in. 

We pretty much finished the desk portion of my beauty storage. Let's go into the fun stuff. The lipsticks and eye shadow palettes!

On the top of the drawers, I have my mirror I got from the dollar store to use when I do my eye make up, and then my perfumes: Elizabeth & James' Nirvana in the White, and Daisy Dream by Marc by Marc Jacobs.  I then have the clutch from Aldo (I mentioned it here as one of my favourites!) placed beside because I thought it looked well with everything as a whole!

Then we have these 2 main compartments for my eye shadows. 

At the back, I bought 2 single drawers (again from Muji!) and stacked them because I wanted to use them for my eye shadow palettes. The eye shadow palettes used to take place in that small drawer you previously saw for my blushes. For a while I was used to it, but I got soon fed up because of how limited the space was. This was my solution.

I placed the current eye shadows I use frequently now on the top, with other items I still need to find a place for them like my foundations, and then the second drawer are the rest of the eye shadow palettes I own. I didn't realize how many of them I own until I reorganized them and then I wanted to facepalm.

So right in the front are what I think, is the main attraction! All my lip products. 

I used to have more (yeah....) but I got rid of them because I'm pretty sure they were all expired and it really kept on collecting dust anyways. So here's what we got on a general basis. This organizer is from Winners.

I have all my MAC lipsticks in the main compartments because I think I have the most there. All my Sephora Cream Lip Stains/Glosses in the one corner, and all my lip liners on the other side. On the back end I have the rest of my lipsticks from other brands lined up.

I realize at some point, I may run out of room, but for now? I think it looks good, no?

And there we have it! I tried my best to break it down as simply and easily as I could because they're all over the place, but I think I did an okay job and proud of the result. I hope this maybe sparks some interest into how you want to organize your make up goodies! I highly recommend Muji as it has so much more ways to organize your desks and your items. Winners/Marshalls/Home Sense is another place to get good organizers and those tidbits as well.

Hope you enjoyed this make up stash.

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