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A Few Updates: Elle Canada & Bloglovin'

Hi guys! So I know this post is a bit more different than the usual, but I figure it all relates to this blog and how much I want to consistently update and do the best I can to keep this blog alive!

Firstly, I did do some damage as you can tell from above (haha, what else is new?!) with the make up and fashion bits and so, expect maybe a few review/haul type of posts? soon! I just have to find a day or two to just sit down and focus on it, when life (work life) isn't as hectic, which in reality, it has been! So I've been quite drained because of it. 

Secondly, if you haven't noticed on my Instagram (I've been posting quite frequently there!) Last week, I made it onto Elle Canada's street style hall of fame! Yay!!!! The photo that was chosen was from my previous outfit post My Prints Charming! And out of the entries thus far, I was chosen for that week. I even got to answer some of their questions (which was a first!) and it's just so, so, cool for me! This is probably the first ever, the blog and my photo was chosen for a great feature like this and it's just amazing to be in the likes of other fashionable ladies! If you're interested in
 viewing previous weeks, and the others chosen, you can view it here! Also to see my answers as well! 

And last but not least! Bloglovin' announced they are having this follower challenge contest. As someone who has literally no followers, I figured why not? Bloglovin's a good platform for anyone who loves to follow blogs and to have it all in one place! You can subscribe to each one and see all the posts on your feed. I had one for a while, and it's just a good way to get your blog out there and to even explore new blogs too, if you want that extra dose of inspiration. I entered and I would love for anyone really to follow! The winner gets to be featured on their website and on their blog! On the sidebar to the right, there is a follow button, or you can view my profile here, to go on and follow. I do have doubts I won't get that far, nor will I even win! But I figure why not try! 

We'll be back to regular programming soon! Until then! Have a wonderful day! 

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