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Beauty Favourites: How I Organize My Make Up Stash

Ever since I got into the love of make up and all things beauty, it became visually apparent on how little my space and storage room was. I always love to collect and let's be real, hoard??? It's become a habit that sometimes I forget that happens, but when it becomes really obvious I need to organize and maybe let go. I do.

I try, anyway.

Previously on the blog, I did share some of my eye shadow palette collection, my lipstick favourites, highlighters and bronzersmy make up brushes, and mainly all my make up products that I've been loving, which you can view under the tag: beauty. I showed you all of it but I haven't showed you how I store and organize them. 

I think I finally perfected how I wanted to store my make up and now I'm confident enough to show you now! 


What I'm Loving #7: Nars, Make Up Geek, Aldo, Jenny Bird & Made by Graham

Here's to a new post on some of my favourites I've been using and of course, loving! Here we have more make up and a bit of style bits too. So without further ado, let's jump right into it.


Girl Crush: Meeting Jamie Chung

So this happened. If you haven't been following me on my Instagram, you might have already seen the photo...But as seen in the title, I met Jamie Chung and she was the best! Bear with me as I describe as much as I can in detail on what had transpired. I want to preserve as much as I can from this memory, so lots of details and photos ahead!

Dress: 424 Lord & Taylor, Hudson's Bay / Shoes: Aldo / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Let's go with a play-by-play, shall we?


Favourites: 3 YouTube Channels I'm Currently Into

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I mentioned it in a few posts mentioning where I love to seek inspiration from, and that's through YouTube and through videos. I mentioned many YouTubers I've been loving in a few previous posts! And here are a few more channels I've been recently into! I'm always seeking out for new content to either stream or let's be real, binge watch! So here are some of the ladies I've been loving so far! 


A Few Updates: Elle Canada & Bloglovin'

Hi guys! So I know this post is a bit more different than the usual, but I figure it all relates to this blog and how much I want to consistently update and do the best I can to keep this blog alive!

Firstly, I did do some damage as you can tell from above (haha, what else is new?!) with the make up and fashion bits and so, expect maybe a few review/haul type of posts? soon! I just have to find a day or two to just sit down and focus on it, when life (work life) isn't as hectic, which in reality, it has been! So I've been quite drained because of it.