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Wish List: Bridge + Bardot

I love thrifting. I love living in Toronto. So when I was watching Letitia's (lookunderhere) video on the vintage shop, called Bridge + Bardot, it definitely piqued my interest because it is located here in the beauty that is within Toronto and seems to be such a cute destination to find some sweet pieces! 

I have yet to visit the store (I really hope I could check it out in person when I do have a chance!) but it doesn't mean I can't lurk and browse around! So welcome to this post I titled Wish List. All things I would love to have but only wish to because I'm low in funds. A list I like to curate and dream of when I need that push of inspiration to add more to my style game.

I am living that broke girl life, but it's okay to dream right? Here are some of my favourite pieces from their store online.

[x] / [x] / [x] / [x] 
[x] / [x] / [x] / [x] 

Cute right?! I seem to love a lot of their pieces and narrowed down to 8 because well, I have to have my limits too! They have wonderful lookbooks as well! All the looks are gorgeous! 

Here are Bridge + Bardot's location and times! You can visit their website here, follow their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Blog as well! 

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