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Wish List: Accessorize

As evident as it states in the title, this is a wish list of things I've been wanting and wishing I had the money to impulsively buy so that my wardrobe/closet can be happy. However, as much as I do have impulsive tendencies, I can be patient as well. This is that list I've been building up that are the items  I really hope, one day soon, I can own and here I am sharing it with you.

Most of them are accessories (hence the title!) and two beauty products I've been itching to try but haven't had to chance to get because, money.

Let's go through my thought process, shall we?

1. Sam Edelman Petty boots in Tan Putty Suede: I've been thinking of investing in another pair of Sam Edelman shoes, because I really love the Felicia flats and figured if I could also buy another style from the collection, it would also be the ankle boots! These are the boots that seem perfect with a leather jacket and skinnies, a cute sundress or even your loose-fitting boyfriend jeans that you want to slip into to effortlessly. It can go with everything and anything and it would be so perfect later on, in the cooler months. I've been in love with this tan suede because I feel like it can add to the illusion of me looking taller (I'm a shorty) and it would just go seamlessly with anything because of the shade. That and I've read good things about the comfort level as well.

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classics in Navy: Another pair of shoes and yeah, they're sneakers. And yes again, I want one more in another colour! I have them in the white, but before going through with that purchase I was seriously debating whether or not if I should buy the Navy ones instead. Alas, the white won, but that doesn't mean I'm letting go of owning these ones anytime soon! I love the Navy because it's something that can used time and time again because of the darker shade, but it's not your standard black so it's a bit different. It can still be a stand-out and can match well with a lot of colour palettes as well!

3. Gentle Monster sunglasses in Lovesome One S3 Gold & Gentle Monster sunglasses in Absente 03 Gold: I follow Catt Sadler on Instagram and on Snapchat and I remember her posting a few pictures of her in the Absente Gold glasses I believe and at the time I couldn't recognize the brand and I just wished I knew! She finally listed on her website and I took note of it immediately. Soon after Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters showed them in her Vlog to Korea and few more videos after that, and then it clicked! These sunglasses (now that I know!) have been worn time and time again on celebrities internationally and now that I know what brand they are, I can't stop seeing them in Hollywood also when I see pictures of kpop idols/celebs too.

Based in Korea, these sunglasses are so gorgeous and I can see why people flock to wear them or have seen wearing them. They look so flattering because of the frame size and I really want these pairs in particular. I'm going to dream or save a lot more, because these are out of my budget range. *Insert sad emoji here*

4. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow in Marie Antoinette & Jean: Not too long, I mentioned in one of  my previous posts that I been loving Charlotte Tilbury and finally caved to get her mascara. Been loving it and been wanting to own more of her line in my make up collection. These two in particular are the ones I think would be the next choices.

These two have been used in her tutorials and I've fallen in love. They just look so pretty and gorgeous on the eye lids and can be used from day to night! That, and because of the creamy consistency, it would be so easy to dab on and leave the door without even having to think about it. I love shimmery shades and I love my bronzes, golds and pretty pinks. These two fit the bill!

And there we have it! It's actually funny how little this list seems to be because I usually want a lot more. I've been really cramping down on spending more money on clothes and been wanting to spend more on the things I can definitely use time and time again. Any little elements that can give more of a impact in the long run. What are some of the things you've been lusting after? I know perhaps, it might build up once something catches my eye, but for now, I'm quite happy with this. 

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