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My Prints Charming

Top: (Actually a dress!) Dorothy Perkins / Shorts: H&M / Shoes: ASOS / Watch: Daniel Wellington 
Photographed by: Austine Ortencio

It's been a while since I've done a last outfit post! I miss posting them because they're quite fun to go out and do! Timing's been hard to go and shoot some, but recently me and my sister had some time to kill, so we quickly went out and got this done. 

I always am a lover of prints and I love combining prints as much as I possibly can! It can be tricky to some, or maybe really out there to try, but that's what I like about it! The trick is to combine prints in either the same colour palette or balance different prints if you can! Here I paired off this polka-dotted dress and tucked it into these shorts because they shared the same navy blue and white motif. 

Although having two different prints, the fact that they're in the same colour scheme and have different sizes of prints, pulls it more together and gives it a nice balance! Also the pop of orange on the shorts break it up a little which is nice. Lastly paired it off with these black laced up flats that ties everything together and still shows some boldness with the unique lacing but still matches well because of the dark colour.

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your week as this is posted on a Monday! May your coffee be strong, everyone! 

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