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What I'm Loving #6: So Much Make Up, So Little Time

It's a lengthy list indeed! I'm back with a new segment (if that's what you like to call it) on what I've been loving. And surprise, it's all beauty products! Again! I think this is the third time? You can never have enough beauty products!  

I haven't posted one in maybe a month or so, and that's because I really wanted to hold out until I got a good amount of things to share and not just little bits and pieces here and there. I really wanted this post to be a good one to make up for the lack of consistent posting too. 

So let's break it down. 

Lately, I've been on a Charlotte Tilbury kick. I've been watching all her videos on her channel and been such a fan of her and own line and wanting a least, a product for myself to try. I love how she does make up because she always sticks to always enhancing your features and her make up line looks so gorgeous. I decided to order her mascara because every time she uses it in her videos, man, the lashes are all I dream to have! As a mascara, lashes gal myself, I love mascara and love to find anyway to create the false lashes effect, without having to, wear false lashes of course. 

This one definitely did not disappoint! The price might be in the higher-end of prices, but it's so worth it if you're looking for that doll-eyed lashes affect! Described as (like as the title says) a 5-star mascara - it curls, separates, lengthens and adds volume + drama! It stays true to its word, really. What I love about it is that after the first coat, it lengthens so much. Also, with the brush itself, it's so soft and isn't too heavy/harsh when applying. As you apply the first coat to let it dry, it's not clumpy and it isn't as stiff or hardening as some other mascaras tend to do when you apply coat after coat. 

The picture above isn't the greatest in showing that. I tried however I was really tired and not looking the greatest, but I still think it shows its true state! This one is after one coat only! And it already adds this pretty effect to the lashes. What I also love is how natural it looks even when you apply generous coats!

Charlotte, herself, did do a video just to how to apply it on her channel and I will leave it below just for you to see the results! I followed what she says, and it works like a charm.

Just recently her own line launched in Toronto, Canada! Yay! And will be at the Holt Renfrew downtown. I'm excited because now I can have a chance to see it all in person too. They also launched it online where they can ship here too! So win/win! 

The Balm Cosmetics Cindy Lou-Manizer: You got me. In previous posts I showed you how I love the Betty Lou-manizer and the Mary Lou-manizer and how I love them so. I figured why not add to the collection with their third one! This one is different too where there is that shimmer and shine like the Mary Lou, but it's more on the pinkier side and I feel more subtle. It's perfect as a final touch to add on top of your blush to add that sheen and it's gorgeous as a blush/highlighter on its own if you don't want such a bright highlighter.  

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Riff: This is such a good blending shade for the crease when you want to do either a very dramatic eye look or just to have it there on its own for a more natural, every day look. It's described as a brown nude and it's a real nice transition shade if you're looking for that perfect shade for that. It's natural but pigmented and shows well on the eye! 

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder: I've been wanting a new powder for setting my concealer and just in overall the face area. Something that would be light and translucent because sometimes I still feel caked on sometimes when I add another powder that isn't translucent. I figure I would try this one for a try because I have heard and read good things! So far, so good! It does what it says and it's very matte, so I feel fresh and ready when I set my foundation/concealer. 

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun!: This is so good to add that overall glow just like the name suggests. It's a warm, peachy shade and maybe on its own, not for specifically contouring (if you really want that contoured look) but this and another contour shade a bit darker does its job! If you're just looking to add a bit of a golden sun-kissed glow without the deep contouring, this is good as well! 

MAC Cosmetics lipsticks from left to right: SillyMake Me Gorgeous and Reel Sexy

Three more lipsticks to add to the growing collection. I've accumulated so many, if you don't believe me, here's a post on that. I believe these are the three that are just recent shades MAC has put out, I could be wrong, but I had to get three because I couldn't decide! 

Silly is definitely a bold choice. It's definitely bright and pink and is in a matte finish! I found it a bit drying compared to their other matte lipsticks MAC has in their collection, but it's fixable. I will have to wear a bit of a lip balm underneath for future wear! It's perfect for the Summer as it's that bright, neon pink I've been searching for. It's definitely that pop of colour perfect to accessorize with a cute summer outfit. 

Make Me Gorgeous, is a lack of a better word, gorgeous. Described to be an intense coral pink. It's something that reminds me of a flamingos and pretty. It's such a nice shade and isn't as bold as Silly! It's a bit more on the natural side, which I like a lot. 

Lastly, Reel Sexy is a shade I couldn't live without. It somewhat reminds me of Sushi Kiss (another favourite) But this one comes in the amplified finish! So it's a bit more creamier and pigmented and I love it. It's described and shown to be a coral pink, but to me, it's a bit more lighter and peachier in the tube than what it states. This would be so good with more of a dramatic eye but also just as great for a more natural, simple look if you're into that. 

L'oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte foundation in 104 Golden Beige: Do you ever have those days where after a while of using a beauty product, you want to try something new to switch it up? I feel like I have those moments the most for foundation. I love the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation, but I was close to finishing it and so I thought this would be a great way to try another foundation that can be a new go-to! I thought it would be great to try out the the L'oreal one because I've been hearing mixed reviews on it! I think what it boils down to is your personal preference and really, your skin type. 

For me, I seem to have fairly normal skin. Not that oily, not that dry, so I've been fortunate in that department not having to be so selective with face products. The L'oreal one hasn't been any problem for me so far! It's really is matte, so if you have dry skin to begin with, then maybe it might not the right product for you! A good way though to try, if you have a beauty blender and have it damp and patting it onto your skin, it might be a better pay-off for your as opposed to just patting the foundation on directly. Having the beauty blender wet, makes the product a bit easier to work and blend with seamlessly!  

I do that, sometimes, I'm kind of lazy to go and wet it, but using the beauty blender and patting it on in little dabs works best for me! It really gives a nice finish, and it really photographs well! I wore it for a full day for the first time, and nothing weird had happened. I also love how it comes into a squeezable tube that way I can control how much I really do need without having that feeling of wasting too much product. So that's always good. A little can go a long way. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Neutralizer: I feel like Maybelline really has the best concealers. I was close to finishing this one I had in the shade Light, and so I needed a good, affordable one just because! I got the one in Neutralizer because it always seems to be the shade that always seems to be out of stock whenever I do go out and look for it, but not this time! 

I think I really like neutralizer the best compared to the light shade they have because I seem to see more coverage and more of a brighter pay-off under my eyes than normally. I think it's because it tends to have more of a yellow-undertone that fits closely with my complexion. It's really brightens my face and is also great to highlight parts of my face as well. 

Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown: Still to this day, Kat Von D's tattoo liner, is by far my favourite liquid eye liner I have ever used. So, to find out it came out in a darker brown?! I had to go and get it because I love it that much. I love the idea of a brown eyeliner because it's a bit softer looking than your usual black liner. Don't get me wrong, I love black eye liner and it's a daily essential I need to have in my make up kit, but the rich chocolate brown this one has to offer is nice! Softer, subtle, and not as harsh but still pointed enough for that feline flick we all love to wear! Case in point, I'm definitely going to use this one and the original one in Trooper, alternating as much as I please!

And you've made it! If you've reached the end of this post, thank you so much and kudos to you! I hope you enjoyed this post and until the next one

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