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Beauty Favourites: Enhancing Your Features

Alright so, in many of my more recent "favourite" type of posts on the blog, I know I've mentioned perhaps all of the products mentioned here at least in each of those beauty posts. You can definitely browse through those to hear my thoughts there, but for some time now I really hoped I could compile all of them and combine everything into this post for all of your highlighting and contouring needs. 

Now that I have had some time with each product too, I think I gathered enough time to really give you my detailed thoughts on each one and why I love them so. 

So get ready for that golden glow as I break it down for you! 


Wish List: Accessorize

As evident as it states in the title, this is a wish list of things I've been wanting and wishing I had the money to impulsively buy so that my wardrobe/closet can be happy. However, as much as I do have impulsive tendencies, I can be patient as well. This is that list I've been building up that are the items  I really hope, one day soon, I can own and here I am sharing it with you.

Most of them are accessories (hence the title!) and two beauty products I've been itching to try but haven't had to chance to get because, money.

Let's go through my thought process, shall we?


Mood Board: Daydreamin'

Welcome to my room! (room tour is here!) 
Lately, I've been working non-stop (that retail life) and constantly finding myself, you guessed it, day dreaming. I have this habit of over thinking and dreaming constantly of what can happen! Right now, I think I'm at a point where I really want a shift in direction.

As someone who is fairly logical, I can say I am a dreamer as well. Perhaps a good balance of both? It's somewhat of a struggle sometimes. I want to dream big and reach for the stars (you know, that cheesy goodness!) but a part of me is fearful of it not happening, reality sinking in. 

I think this is why I find myself disappointed and discouraged when the things I wish and hope to come true, don't.

I learned that I have to learn to accept where I am now, and that where I am now isn't the end. I have to continually keep trying, work hard, and try to not let the fear get to me. Because if I don't accept where I am now, how is it possible to move forward? 

There are the type of thoughts I have been having as of now. Lately, as always with my blog posts, I always try my best to look on the positive things in life, and always seeking inspiration as I please. Instagram is definitely the easiest and most easiest ways in finding that, and so, here we are! 

I love all of these Instagrams and I am always liking every photo because it leaves me inspired and motivated! I linked all of their Instagrams and the individual photos as well! Hope you love what you see and follow them too! 

This time around this post is going to be a bit more whimsical, a bit more fun. I hope this inspires your inner dreamer in you too. 


What I'm Loving #6: So Much Make Up, So Little Time

It's a lengthy list indeed! I'm back with a new segment (if that's what you like to call it) on what I've been loving. And surprise, it's all beauty products! Again! I think this is the third time? You can never have enough beauty products!  

I haven't posted one in maybe a month or so, and that's because I really wanted to hold out until I got a good amount of things to share and not just little bits and pieces here and there. I really wanted this post to be a good one to make up for the lack of consistent posting too. 

So let's break it down. 


Wish List: Bridge + Bardot

I love thrifting. I love living in Toronto. So when I was watching Letitia's (lookunderhere) video on the vintage shop, called Bridge + Bardot, it definitely piqued my interest because it is located here in the beauty that is within Toronto and seems to be such a cute destination to find some sweet pieces! 

I have yet to visit the store (I really hope I could check it out in person when I do have a chance!) but it doesn't mean I can't lurk and browse around! So welcome to this post I titled Wish List. All things I would love to have but only wish to because I'm low in funds. A list I like to curate and dream of when I need that push of inspiration to add more to my style game.

I am living that broke girl life, but it's okay to dream right? Here are some of my favourite pieces from their store online.