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Wardrobe Inspiration: Kerry Washington & Olivia Pope

I love Kerry Washington. From what I've seen in interviews, she seems so charming, funny, intelligent, confident and so articulate with how she answers her questions and goes on with the public eye. She seems genuine and I like that about her. She is also talented as heck and I'm always in awe when I watch her kill it as Olivia Pope on ABC's Scandal because she is so good. Everyone in that show is phenomenal! 

I decided to do a post on her and Olivia Pope because I recently (4 years late, I know) stumbled across binge watching seasons 1-2 with my cable box one night. I still have to go through season 3, because truthfully I need to mentally prepare myself?! So much suspense and it's such a ride, that it really does keep you at the edge of your seat. I literally binged watched season 1-2 in a couple of days and now that there's still season 3 and 4? I want to take my time as much as possible! I did watch the season 4 finale, though. So I spoiled myself, but I can live with that. But every thing else is on my to-do list, but now that I'm in the know of things, this post seemed logical to post. 

I've always been familiar with Kerry in the last couple of years, I remember when Scandal first premiered (I don't know why I was super late on the band wagon, I'm a terrible television watcher though) I remember it getting so much praise and I knew in general, with what I saw, Kerry was always known to make great choices on the red carpet and her public appearances. 

I would like to thank Kerry Washington photo gallery that I found online for all the good quality photos all in one place. It's updated too, so that was a plus. Under the cut are my pic spams of both Kerry on the red carpet and Olivia Pope! I provide some of my thoughts and why I adore everything. 

Kerry Washington 

Surprise, surprise! I gravitated towards all the colourful, printed, bold choices she's made. I think that's why I was excited to do this post because that's what I've known of Kerry's style aesthetic. She knows what works for her, and isn't afraid to switch things up. I always look forward to see what Kerry wears on any red carpet, because I know it's going to be something she can rock and love gorgeous in. That's what it's all about right? 

Olivia Pope

I remember hearing as much as amazing the show Scandal was, the other thing that was equally as great was Olivia Pope's wardrobe. So much so that the fashion retailer The Limited in helps of Kerry and the show's costume designer, Lyn Paolo, released a collection dedicated to the show, which you can look over here! A collection inspired by the show, it all contains what Olivia is known for: crisp blazers, suit separates, beautiful coats - all at attainable prices compared to what's she's actually worn in the show! 

That's one thing I would love to mention about Olivia Pope, if I could have anything? I mean I would love to own everything, but one thing I would raid in her closet would be all the gorgeous coats and cardigans she's seen wearing! I just love the simplicity of it all but with the belted waists, and the lapels, and the draping... It's all so dramatic but so feminine and chic, so perfect for the Fall months. The ones that are seen above! Can I just have it all?! It gives me so much more inspiration for what kind of pieces to invest in my closet later on. 

Another thing I love is how it's so in tuned with Olivia as a character. Confident, strong, determined, sophisticated, yet it's simple, minimal and clean. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to power through it all. All of the qualities you would admire and that's what I admire about Olivia Pope. 

So while I go dreaming about being like her, or just even dressing like her, I'm going to go and prepare myself as I try to slowly watch season 3 and try so hard not to just watch everything in one night.

Which I know will happen probably. Until then. 

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