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Favourites: Summer Nail Polishes

I have come to a habit of doing my nails so much, that without it, I feel really odd and naked. It's a bit of an obsession and I've collected so many bottles of nail polish and have been guilty of just re-applying the same colour time and time again just to not have bare nails. Obsessive? Maybe. I do every once and while let my nails be because well, they need to breathe and grow healthily right? I try, I really try. 

I don't know what held me back for so long on doing a favourite nail polish piece but I decided to do it for the first time here! Maybe it's because I have accumulated a lot over time, or perhaps it's because I generally stick to a shade all year round. 

Here's my favourite polishes I have been loving a lot, especially with the lighter and colourful shades (I tend to stick to those naturally, because I feel it suits me more!) for the Summer! Or really all year round, pretty much. So let's take a detailed look, shall we? 

 As mentioned above, I feel like the pastels, lighter, and colourful shades tend to fit me more and my complexion! Depending on my mood I do sometimes gravitate the darker shades too, but that could be in another post venturing into the cooler months!

I also tend to go to the peaches, corals (as I do for lips because well, it's my weakness!) I do however, love the darker, greyer blue that Revlon has that is named Chic and the name fits it so well. It's a darker shade, yes, but it's not as heavy and dramatic and still can wear well in the Summer/Spring months as well! It's still a great neutral. 

The Formula X polishes are my definite go to when I want something clean, pretty and fresh all the time. My recent purchases are the Urban Outfitters ones, and I love Sweet Tooth for the same reason that it's the minimal, a go-to that can go with everything. Love Letter is so bright, bold and literally a neon sign. And I love it for that very reason! It's a show stopper. 

At the end of the day, I feel like nail polishes and designed nails are always a great statement. It's like that accessory that is maybe seems minimal, but stands out and can definitely add more to your outfit/look. It's those little elements that can add more to your sense of style and mood and that's why I love it. If I had more of a steady hand, I would definitely do designs and such, but I'm not gifted in that department.

I'll keep on painting my nails as it is on, and let that do the talking! 

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