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Favourites: Fuji Film Instax 8 vs Instax Share SP-1

Now look, I love Instagram, all the photo applications on your phone, filters... Sharing them all digitally! But I will admit,  I sometimes miss the simpler times. As someone who grew up with albums upon albums of childhood photos, I can say that during this phase in my life right now, the albums have grown significantly less as I have gotten older. 

When I heard about Fuji Film cameras, I knew I just had to have one! Owning one would mean I could hopefully use it to capture more memories. In a more cute and fun way.

Owning the Fuji Film Mini Instax 8 camera, I recently caved and splurged on buying the printer they released that comes with connecting it to your smartphone/tablet. I decided to do a favourite talk/review/comparison to those maybe wanting to buy one or maybe don't know which one would be best, or were maybe interested? But wasn't sure if they should buy it or not.  I'm not sponsored at all (just putting it out there) I'm a fan and want to share my thoughts because this is why this blog exists! To share!

Fuji Film Instax Mini 8

Alright, so the camera is a popular one and one that I know I bought for many reasons every one else bought it for. I chose this one because it was least expensive from the collection Fuji Film offers and how it looks! Like the name, it's mini, cute, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, no? Now, do you need it? Probably not. But if you're someone who loves to take photos, loves to capture moments constantly, scrapbooking, photography, love to use that creativity? This can be something of good use to you! 


- It's easy to work with, small, and simply a nice thing to have especially when you know you're travelling and going to cool places you want to capture. 

- It's also a cute prop to have as a decor piece on your shelf because it's comes in array of colours too. 

- Of course you get your photos in that instant and card sized, and that's the main reason why people love it so much. For the photos and for the ways you can display it! (examples: wall art, albums, great for parties to have a keepsake, etc!) 


- You would need to bring it with you, so that's another thing to add on into your bag. 

- It's something that's pricey. I know several stores that carry the camera and I know if you dig around on maybe Amazon, you wouldn't necessarily pay the original price for. 

-  The film. The film comes in 10 photos in one pack, and 10 shots can fly by as quick in like an hour, depending on what you're doing! So if you add that up each time? Yeah. It can be a lot. Because each pack is say, $10 or so? You can buy 2 packs of 10 for $20 but each vendor, I feel, have different price points, so it's good to look around.

- Trying to be careful with how many shots you can take and making sure the shots come up well with how you take them. But this should be as expected because this is a camera that prints out instant photos! 

Instax Share SP-1 

The printer was the one I was debating even before purchasing the camera! It's a pricey item and I always wasn't sure if it was something I needed given the fact I had the camera. That changed obviously, and I have no regrets! This was the reason why I wanted to do this on the blog. I realized how different they are and what would put you to good use and wanted to share with you those reasons. 


- Exactly like how the camera works, but this time, it's any photo you choose as it connects to an app you download and you pick and edit the photos you want! You know how the photo is going to look before printing. 

- You wouldn't need to bring it with you everywhere like the camera would. You take your shots on your phone, then you can print it anytime you're connected to the printer. 

- It's easy to connect and not hard to follow the directions. 

- You can reprint the same picture multiple times in case you wanted to give them to your family and friends as well! Which is a plus because you don't have to pose for the same photo multiple times!


- The printer ends up being around $200 or so. Again, if you find it somewhere lower than that, you might. But it's still a pricey item to splurge on to begin with. 

- The amount of film being used. It's something that's inevitable. Even more perhaps because the amount of photos you can print are limitless. And with that option, comes more film each time. More film, more money. 


I think in this case, the printer would be the best bet if you're someone who doesn't want to bring the extra bulk of a camera. If you love the idea of having the physical camera and having it along with you, that's great! It's fun to have that spur of the moment feeling of taking photos in an instant and seeing how they turn out each time! 

But I feel like with the printer, you can get the best of both worlds. Using the digital side of having it on your handheld device, edited to your liking, and having that option of looking at it firsthand before printing. Then you would also have the traditional sense of having to have the physical copy of the photo right away! Like how it was in the past. 

As you can see on my wall here, I made use of the printer (as well as my other shots with my camera!) very well and plan to do more and make more albums!

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