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Decor Inspiration: In the Office (Essie's Office Tour!)

I love me some Essie Button. She's cute, fab, and all of her videos are so well made and she always keeps it real. I've been a follower of hers maybe in the last two years or so? And each video does not disappoint! I love her sense of style and the vibe she always gives off when she does her videos. All genuine, funny, charming and stylish! 

She recently uploaded a video on her channel featuring an Office Room Tour! *Insert scream face emoji!* I love room tours. Any type of way glimpse into someone's house/room/whatever is always a win in my book. Maybe I'm nosy, but you would be curious right? It's always such a cool thing to watch too because everyone clearly have different sense of styles and you see a reflection of who they are! I love it and I love Essie's office. 

I tweeted her (not knowing she would ever see it/reply!) I wanted to do a office room inspo-post and used her video as an example and she retweeted and replied "DO IT!!!!!!" I kept it cool but was flailing on the inside. Any chance of any YouTuber I admire and follow to interact in some way is SO cool. #FANGIRL #CHALLENGEACCEPTED  

So. Here's that post. So, let's do a picspam, shall we? 

If you haven't seen my room tour (I will secretly link you to it here) I think it is safe to say how much I like to take time to decorate my room in my own fashion! I don't have an office, my vanity/make up area acts like my desk too, but I always have a love for what my future office would look like. The little gadgets, trinkets, and obviously the organization of it all. I love paper accessories, notebooks, colourful pens, all those type of office supplies that one would need and use in an office/workplace.

As soon as I saw Essie's office tour, it was like hashtag goals!!!! It's what I envisioned in my future office. Minimal, clean, cute, fun, and functional! Also can we talk about how organized her office drawers are too? Let's appreciate. 

Computer desk goals.  My dream is to own a Mac computer. That big screen though. 

She has a shelf for her nail polish! While mine is all hoarded in a drawer... Definitely giving me some inspiration on how to display the pretty shades! 

It's okay Essie, I like the cat. Creepy or not. It adds a nice touch of personality to your shelf! 

Her drawers are all what I need to how to organize. And the pattern tape! 

She has a drawer filled with organized sunglasses in rows! I mean, can we just take a moment?! I love it! 

The coveted Ikea drawers that every girl probably owns or wants to own one day. I know I do. They look fabulous, minimal but really functional and organized considering how much it actually stores! On my wish list.

Such a cute set up and a cute way to utilize your space! And that table! 
My other room goal in life is to own shelves and to fill it up with as much books, trinkets and other pretty things I can find to cherish and display. 

Please watch Essie's video to see how much her office tour lives up to those expectations! It's shown fabulously well!  

All screen caps I took myself and it was so fun to put together and share why I adore it so much and Essie of course! You can follow her channel, blog, Twitter, Instagram, and all that jazz! Please do, if you haven't, she's wonderful and so lovely to watch! 

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