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Mood Board: Summer Sunsets (MEGA Magazine)

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Today's post is going to be dedicated to a magazine cover shoot that I am still in awe with. I say this because this was released last September as their cover story featuring Filipina showbiz beauties, Erich Gonzales, Maja Salvador, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Barretto. The magazine is MEGA Magazine and it's something I still refer to for beauty, outfit, hair inspiration because it is just that good. 


Decor Inspiration: In the Office (Essie's Office Tour!)

I love me some Essie Button. She's cute, fab, and all of her videos are so well made and she always keeps it real. I've been a follower of hers maybe in the last two years or so? And each video does not disappoint! I love her sense of style and the vibe she always gives off when she does her videos. All genuine, funny, charming and stylish! 

She recently uploaded a video on her channel featuring an Office Room Tour! *Insert scream face emoji!* I love room tours. Any type of way glimpse into someone's house/room/whatever is always a win in my book. Maybe I'm nosy, but you would be curious right? It's always such a cool thing to watch too because everyone clearly have different sense of styles and you see a reflection of who they are! I love it and I love Essie's office. 

I tweeted her (not knowing she would ever see it/reply!) I wanted to do a office room inspo-post and used her video as an example and she retweeted and replied "DO IT!!!!!!" I kept it cool but was flailing on the inside. Any chance of any YouTuber I admire and follow to interact in some way is SO cool. #FANGIRL #CHALLENGEACCEPTED  

So. Here's that post. So, let's do a picspam, shall we? 


Favourites: Fuji Film Instax 8 vs Instax Share SP-1

Now look, I love Instagram, all the photo applications on your phone, filters... Sharing them all digitally! But I will admit,  I sometimes miss the simpler times. As someone who grew up with albums upon albums of childhood photos, I can say that during this phase in my life right now, the albums have grown significantly less as I have gotten older. 

When I heard about Fuji Film cameras, I knew I just had to have one! Owning one would mean I could hopefully use it to capture more memories. In a more cute and fun way.

Owning the Fuji Film Mini Instax 8 camera, I recently caved and splurged on buying the printer they released that comes with connecting it to your smartphone/tablet. I decided to do a favourite talk/review/comparison to those maybe wanting to buy one or maybe don't know which one would be best, or were maybe interested? But wasn't sure if they should buy it or not.  I'm not sponsored at all (just putting it out there) I'm a fan and want to share my thoughts because this is why this blog exists! To share!


Favourites: Summer Nail Polishes

I have come to a habit of doing my nails so much, that without it, I feel really odd and naked. It's a bit of an obsession and I've collected so many bottles of nail polish and have been guilty of just re-applying the same colour time and time again just to not have bare nails. Obsessive? Maybe. I do every once and while let my nails be because well, they need to breathe and grow healthily right? I try, I really try. 

I don't know what held me back for so long on doing a favourite nail polish piece but I decided to do it for the first time here! Maybe it's because I have accumulated a lot over time, or perhaps it's because I generally stick to a shade all year round. 

Here's my favourite polishes I have been loving a lot, especially with the lighter and colourful shades (I tend to stick to those naturally, because I feel it suits me more!) for the Summer! Or really all year round, pretty much. So let's take a detailed look, shall we? 


What I'm Loving #5: Leave Your Mark, P.S. I Still Love You & Beauty Bits

Welcome to another round of What I'm Loving, chapter five! Or as I like to say, "Shop now, cry later..." That's okay. I'm a firm believer in that "Treat yourself!" motto and I have yet to wind down from that! Again, more beauty, less fashion but a few new things I have yet to embark upon on here and that is books! I am adding two books that I love and are still reading but couldn't wait any longer to rave about. So, let's get started! 


Wardrobe Inspiration: Kerry Washington & Olivia Pope

I love Kerry Washington. From what I've seen in interviews, she seems so charming, funny, intelligent, confident and so articulate with how she answers her questions and goes on with the public eye. She seems genuine and I like that about her. She is also talented as heck and I'm always in awe when I watch her kill it as Olivia Pope on ABC's Scandal because she is so good. Everyone in that show is phenomenal! 

I decided to do a post on her and Olivia Pope because I recently (4 years late, I know) stumbled across binge watching seasons 1-2 with my cable box one night. I still have to go through season 3, because truthfully I need to mentally prepare myself?! So much suspense and it's such a ride, that it really does keep you at the edge of your seat. I literally binged watched season 1-2 in a couple of days and now that there's still season 3 and 4? I want to take my time as much as possible! I did watch the season 4 finale, though. So I spoiled myself, but I can live with that. But every thing else is on my to-do list, but now that I'm in the know of things, this post seemed logical to post. 

I've always been familiar with Kerry in the last couple of years, I remember when Scandal first premiered (I don't know why I was super late on the band wagon, I'm a terrible television watcher though) I remember it getting so much praise and I knew in general, with what I saw, Kerry was always known to make great choices on the red carpet and her public appearances. 

I would like to thank Kerry Washington photo gallery that I found online for all the good quality photos all in one place. It's updated too, so that was a plus. Under the cut are my pic spams of both Kerry on the red carpet and Olivia Pope! I provide some of my thoughts and why I adore everything.