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What I'm Loving #4: Benefit, MAC, The Balm, and obsessing over Cream Lip Stains

More beauty products! I know, welcome to another edition with the recent things I've been loving and they all consist, again, of make up that I am obsessed with. Here's what I'm loving... 

The Balm Cosmetics Betty-Lou Manizer & Mary Lou Manizer 

Another bronzer and highlighter?! Yeah. Guilty. I can't help it, I need that glow in my life. And I finally got into the obsession that a lot of people seem to have with these ones in particular. The Mary Lou manzier is so divine that if I could insert heart-eye emojis here, I would! It's shimmery, vibrant and so pigmented. If you're into that super glow and want everyone to see it from afar, outer space, you know the gist, I suggest the Mary-Lou because it is so pretty and such a standout. 

Soon upon getting the Mary-Lou highlighter, I caved and bought the Betty one because I live that contour life as well. This is good on its own, so pigmented and you can build it up as much as you please. It does have specks of shimmer, so I love to add it on after I lightly contour with my trusted Hoola bronzer by Benefit. It just adds that added glow to your contour and I really love them both. Definitely added to my routine! 

MAC Cosmetics Powder Brush in Peaches (sheertone): Another blush!? Correction, another peach blush?! Again, guilty. I just love pretty shimmers and blushes because it's something I can do quick and blend out and I instantly look awake and sometimes I don't need to do my eye make up! This one from MAC is so pigmented that a little goes a long way and blended out, it's just so gorgeous, light and adds life to your face. 

MAC Cosmetics Eye shadows (custom palette) with Amber Lights & Woodwinked: The eye shadows I got in a customizable palette and I think is worth it than buying two or several separately. I love these two shades in particular because they're great on its own but also together as a eye combo. They're pigmented and bright enough but also can used for an everyday look too. I have been using it every since getting it and yeah, it does its job. 

MAC Cosmetics Large Angled Contour brush 168: I added a new make up brush to my collection. I wanted another brush strictly for contour. Something small enough to fit on the hollows of my cheeks, but also angled so that way it's right where I want it to be. That, and also something that I can easily blend out those harsh lines contouring can do. This MAC one delivers all that I wanted and it's been a great go-to tool for all my face make up shenanigans. 

Rosebud Salve lip balm: I needed a new lip balm because my lips always seem to get dry, chapped and it's not a pretty look, so this once I just bought because it seemed convenient and it's in a tube as opposed to their original tin, which I found much more easier for me to apply on and put in my bag. 

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara: Another mascara and this one is so cute! Let's talk about the packaging, it's so pretty and feminine and that already took me to love it! However, I really like this formula too because it's light and the wand does give that lift that I like when I put on mascara. Also with the applicator itself, I find it much easier and faster for me to coat my lower lashes because the brush itself is fine and thin that I don't have to worry about poking my eyes out (it's happened many times before) so I love that! It's not so heavy but I can always pack it on in layers and achieve that doll-eyed look I love. A bonus that I love is that combined with their They're Real mascara it makes your lashes look so great. 

I needed an entirely separate photo and section for this because I already accumulated five of them and I want all of them in that collection. These are amazing. They are also affordable too! Like their name says, their creamy upon consistency but once they set on your lips, they dry matte and they do not budge. At all. I think its best to line your lips with  a lip liner or maybe use a separate lip brush to have more control (but i'm lazy) but if you're careful enough, you don't need to.

For how many hours have I add this on, and not once did I need to touch-up. Even upon eating and drinking?! The colour is still is there! (I couldn't even wash it all off my arm, when I swatched it. It's still imprinted on my skin as I type this) It is indeed a stain and also been getting a lot of compliments from others about how it looks. The colour pay off is so great and pigmented and I just. I could go on. But I won't. You can try for yourself! 

And there you have it! More of my beauty essentials. Hope it makes you want to go out and buy make up. I'm sorry, not sorry. 

Kidding. Maybe. 

Also! On a personal note! I forgot to mention in my last post, I recently got the blog a separate tumblr! You can follow it at! It'll be more blog-based with little glimpses like I do with my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It's just another platform if you guys like to go on there too! You can also follow me on my personal tumblr here which I will occasionally do reblogs from my Pretty Ensembles one. Just to keep things organized! See you in the next post! 

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