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Disco Love

photographed by: Pamela Rico 

If it's not hard enough to tell, you can see which piece of my outfit was the most outstanding. I chose more shots focusing on that sequined top because my goodness, look at it! It definitely was a conversation starter at some awkward moments (for myself) anyway but it was all in good fun. 

 Although this could have been paired for a night time out, I decided to dress it down with some ripped jeans from Top Shop, which is my favourite because a) They are in petite sized! So hard to find petite sized anything b) They're black it goes with everything c) They're ripped and very distress. I'm quite picky with ripped jeans in general so, these were perfect for me. I then paired off with some sleek flats from Zara and we were good to go. 

And no, that was not a wind machine blowing through my hair. It felt like it though. The wind was strong when we were shooting for this, and so, lots of fail hair moments happened. But these ones were worth saving! 

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