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Blog Crush: Star Style

As someone who owns a blog as a hobby, what gives me motivation to go and put up a post each time is when other people who have blogs, YouTube channels and the likes of all that, produce great content. Content that continues to inspire me to think out loud and for those ideas and thoughts to come through and hopefully onto here. I'm trying and so far, so good. 

The one I would like to feature is one I keep loving more and more. To the point where I joked how I would like to be a part of their shoots they produce on the website, here on Twitter (to which they favourited and retweeted! The best!) So which one am I talking about? It's called Star Style. Based in the Philippines. 

"A fashion girl's guide to fashion, beauty, and celebrity style" is their tagline with what you see on their social media platforms. All things I adore, of course. 

My favourite kind of content they have on the blog so far, have been their celebrity features (I love to know more about the local artistas and influential individuals they have based in the Philippines! Being a Filipino myself and love the things they're doing in general, it's intriguing and nice to be in the know!

Another feature I love is their pieces called Style Stash, where they feature people and what items, products, anything their into. They lay it out like a magazine page, showing blurbs of why so and so loves it, etc. It's fun, creative, and straight to the point. I like that. Plus you learn a few things along the way!  Whether it's about them or the stuff that they're into that you haven't tried! 

Going back to the first reason, is their celebrity features that I look forward a lot. I am always interested in reading their interviews they do and the pictures they provide with the article.

Here are my 5 favourite shoots (but I love them all, truly!) they've done so far, as it's been giving me such inspiration with fashion, style, and blogging in general. I still joke to myself that I want to be a part of it. A girl can dream right? Ha! I linked to all the original sources for the photos and articles below each photo!

Girl About Town featuring Isabelle Daza

Original source of photos and full article/interview: Girl About Town 

This one I love because it's just filled with sunshine and all very Summer-esque! For me it's very reminiscent of hanging outside with your friends as you play whatever comes to your imagination until it hits evening. I also love that feel of the seventies with some of the outfits Isabelle is shown wearing. A strong trend for sure this year.

Modern Romance featuring Jessy Mendiola

Original source of photos and full article/interview: Modern Romance

I love how classic and timeless the concept with this shoot is. The make up and outfits are subtle but very feminine and reminds me of what a modern Audrey Hepburn would be photographed doing. 

Beautiful Creature featuring Megan Young

Original source of photos and full article/interview: Beautiful Creature

The bohemian, woodsy feel is what I love about this shoot. That raw and natural feel with the airy, pastel and dainty colour palette, Megan is wearing, are a great balance. And I live for that idea of juxtaposition in outfits/looks so much.  

The New Classic featuring Heart Evangelista 

Original source of photos and full article/interview: The New Classic

Just like the title suggests, this is that modern and sleek sophistication that I love no matter what time of the year it is. I also feel like it portrays Heart so well. I love how she's wearing all white (in different ways/textures) with the backdrop that is comfortable and cozy, again giving that balance. 

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is in a League of her Own 

Original source of photos and full article/interview: In a League of her Own

Fun fact, this is the feature that launched my love for this website. I believe Jasmine linked to it on her Instagram how she was featured, and boom. I just love how it plays into that casual, playful, sporty feel that also has been very popular with a lot of people. Myself included. I love baseball t-shirts and varsity jacket (even though, I'm hardly athletic myself, welp!) But it's something so casual and simple when you're going for that easy downtime look, but can be so pretty and chic, if you play it up well. And this shows that!

With the shoots themselves, they also have videos of each concept as well. They have a YouTube channel and ugh, so cool! I love, love, love behind the scenes/on set kind of stuff. It's always intriguing to me how everything works, that process that brings the photo to life. They filmed theirs so well too.

For more goodies alongside their YouTube channel, you can follow them at their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest! You can bet, I'll be on the lookout for more from them as I always anticipate who they feature next. Let's hope someone I'm a fan of again will be featured!

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