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Some Skulls & Chucks

Blazer: Bianca Nygard / Graphic Tee: Brandy Melville / Bottoms: H&M / Shoes: Converse 
Photographed by: Austine Ortencio 

I've been really simple in my outfits lately because, truly, I'm lazy. Just last week, I decided to clean out my closet and got rid of everything and anything I no longer wear. I'm talking stuff I have had for years, in hopes I would eventually will wear it for something. I held on for so long, but alas, I got rid of so much that I was surprised at how much I had that I no longer wear! This included bags and shoes, too. Insane. After that cleanse, I felt somewhat relived that my closets could breathe a bit more better. I feel like there's so much more to organize and do, but baby steps right? 

Anyway, from that, I realized how much I've grown in terms of my styling choices. Majority of the things I decided to let go were all from the choices I made in high school! I definitely grew since then. I think this outfit you're seeing reflects that simple attire I've been wanting to covet. I love the idea of balancing and mixing up styles. Whether it's with prints, colour, or styles. It's that mix between dressed up and daytime casual. I love this blazer and its structure. The back is something different with the cut-out and the lapels are so chic. I decided to rock the chucks and this skull graphic tee to dress it down. Place the chucks with heels? And the tee with a pretty blouse? You got an entirely different outfit. I'm all for versatile pieces that will last me forever, and I know I can't get rid of this blazer just yet. 

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