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Inspiration: Sistar's I Swear

On Tumblr,  I occasionally reblog edits, gifs, and photos of anything related to kpop. I'm a fan and have my fair share of favourites I like. I even touched based on one of my posts featuring a style post, on one of my favourite members of the Korean girl group, SNSD/Girl's Generation, Sooyoung! I'll admit, I'm a bit more out of the loop than I was back in 2008, but I'm still much in love with the music, videos, dramas when I really love what I hear and see! If you want more of a dose of who I'm liking, you can follow me on Tumblr, but I would also like to share that interest on here as well from time to time. One thing I love about kpop are the music videos. There have been many that have caught my eye in the past and now, so what better way than to share them on here?

I was initially going to make a jumbo post on some of my favourites and share why, but then I realize that would be overwhelming given what I wanted to show! I was going to show screen caps for each video, but then I screen capped so many (it kind of took forever...) from this video....So, we're going to do a post for each video when I feel like it. Today? We're going to talk about this:

I Swear - SISTAR

It's like you and I were put together
If you lose the chance today, I know you'll regret it, I swear

When this music video came out, I was so in love with the song and the music video in its entirety! This was after their comeback for Touch My Body, and compared to that single? I love this one much better! SISTAR made their debut in the 2010 and consists of four members: Hyorin, Bora, Soyou and Dasom. They are a group I came late into the game for, but needless to say, most of their singles they've released in the past, are so good. Such easy-going jams with their songs. Definitely feel good and catchy! My favourite kinds. The reason why I love this music video so much is because it is the epitome of summer time vibes. It's that kind of song when I am down and need a instant pick-me-up, I listen to this to get me going again. 

Why I get inspired? The video showcases things I love: their friendship, road trips, grocery stores, swimming pools, and pretty scenery! I believe they shot this in Saipan. It makes you want to go on a road trip with some of your girlfriends and have some fun, doing nothing perhaps, but having the best time with each other's company. I think those are the best type of moments with your friends. Also what I loved is their outfits and make up (or much rather the no-make up, make up look) Simple, fun, casual, and comfortablejust what you would want for the perfect Summer vacation. 

Enjoy the screen caps I took, that sums up what I would want my Summer to be like!

I'm really happy how it turned out and worked hard on capturing the right moment! I do have a couple more videos up my sleeve that I really love and want to showcase! So stay tuned for that. Until the next post, see you! 

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