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Inspiration: Playful Prints and Finds

As it is already almost the end of April and May is just around the corner, it means more sunshine and more warmer weather. I am excited for the attire that comes with it, and lately all I've been seeing are so much colour and many prints on clothing and accessories, it's all sorts of wonderful. I want it all! All those details are just so fun. Recently I have found a few gems I would like to share with you because I think of sunshine, smiles, and everything feel good. The epitome of what I want to wear during those months. You might have seen my inspiration post on Sunnies Studios and my sunglasses, so here are a few more that I've added that add more spring to my step. 

Miss Jones x Ava

From top left: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] 

I've had Kim Jones featured here a couple of months ago (you can view me pretty much fangirling here) and recently she released her own line of clothing in collaboration with Ava. It is titled Miss Jones x AVA and oh my gosh! What a delight! The collection contains 9 pieces and the styles have been described as casual yet feminine. It is definitely a great representation of Kim's personal style. It is also definitely in my lane house as well. I love that mix of that simple and effortless feel with the mix of that feminine, classic aesthetic. You can do so much within those two styles and this collection portrays that. I love the fact with these pieces in particular, they are so versatile on its own or when you pair them with other pieces.  You can swap the tops with the skirts/shorts to make it seem like a dress or a romper, but also wear them separately and create entirely different outfits. It's that mix and match method that I adore and definitely am inspired by when I shop for pieces myself. 

My favourite pieces? Why of course, the pineapple prints! The blouses, the waterfall skirt, the maxi! Time and time again, I have proclaimed my love for anything that is printed and this is no exception! So cute, quirky and so fitting for the Summer months. Seeing that she's included these designs makes me weak in the heart. It might be dramatic, but they're such cute pineapples! I love me some pineapples! I am bummed I can't get my hands on any of these pieces but all that she has come up with are amazing and I love it so.  

For more on the collaboration, you can read her post about it all here on her blog and to view more of the pieces in her collection you can view all the gorgeous stuff here!

8 Flats for Spring

I also talked about Chriselle Lim on here prior about how she is one of my Instagram crushes, and briefly mentioned her videos as well! This one is by far my favourites, as it incorporates my love for flats and how great they really are! Comfortable and stylish, this is why I have so many. This video is so fun and it's just fabulous. I will say no more and shall leave you to watch because after watching this? I got so inspired to have more fun with my style and keep doing what I love here on the blog.

Neon Island

From the Pure Shores Lookbook on Neon Island, found here 

Neon Island (Like Kim Jones' line) is based in the Philippines and again, insert sad emoji, because I don't think they ship internationally? I am unsure, but that's okay, I will admire from afar! I stumbled upon their line on Instagram. I follow a bunch of Philippine publications/magazines/celebrities so I know it's from lurking one of theirs. I was on their Instagram and boom, instantly followed. Their pieces are all made in the Philippines and proceeds from their sales go to the local orphanages! Pretty awesome if you ask me! I am a fan of their designs and what they've done thus far. Most recently with their look book that is seen above, everything is so on-trend and appealing to the eye. Obviously inspired for the Summer with the tropical-esque prints and colours. Down below are my choices from their recent collection! Loving the pale pinks and pretty greens they've put together. To view more pieces and also more look books (they are divine!) you can view their website here

From top left: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Cute right? What do you think? What gets you inspired for the Summer? I would love to know. I'm going to leave it at that as I hope you all have an amazing one. Until the next post, see you there!

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