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What I'm Loving #3: MAC, Maybelline, Becca and Pretty Heels

Aldo Shoes Aceidia in Bone / MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ / Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Powder, 220 Natural Beige / Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless liquid foundation, 220 Natural Beige / BECCA Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone
It's seems like good timing to dish out some of my favourites I've been loving this time around, as April comes to an end. This time it's a bit more focused on beauty! I've been loving these products so far, and can't wait to share my thoughts with you!

MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+: After some time of watching YouTube beauty videos, I was determined at some point to give into the hype of what Fix+ is all about. I gave in and so far, so good. It is described as a skin refresher/finishing mist and can be used either before you do your make up or after. I like the fact that it has a fragrance to it, not so powerful, just right and that it does provide a great refreshing feel on your skin. I also like the fact that the spray nozzle sprays just enough of a mist on your face and the nozzle itself locks, so I have no worries about it leaking. 

The reason why I also wanted to have my own is because I know it can be used for your eye shadows. You spray a bit on your brush, tap it in your shadow, and the pigment it leaves off is outstanding. It definitely intensifies the shadow, leaving it to stand out more.

 This will always be good to spray on your beauty blender, and use to thin out some foundation if you want that dewy, light finish. But on top of that, I also tried it after a full face of make up, and the finish it gives off is dewy and because of the moisture, it takes away that cakey or powdery feel make up tends to give. So this sprayed on, tones it down and kind of helps all that stuff blend in nicely. Then it results into this this nice, dewy finish. It also makes the highlighter and bronzer really beautiful too!  I'm still getting used to using it and so far, it's been a great versatile product that I don't feel I will abandon anytime soon. 

 Maybelline's Fit Me! foundation and powder in 220 Natural Beige: I briefly mentioned using Maybelline's face products in my What's On My Face post a bit back on the blog, and I said I was using that Tarte Powdered Foundation! I still have it and use in rotation, but I recently bought the new line or relaunch Maybelline released with what is said to be their Matte + Poreless collection! I was a bit worried because I always associate anything describe as a 'matte' to be drying. However I have nothing but great experience using Maybelline products, since I do own their original Fit Me! line, and I heard nothing but great things about the new relaunch, so why not? I knew my shade in an instant and it's affordable, what did I have to lose? 

The verdict: It's not drying and it leaves off a great finish for my skin! Top with that with the matte powder? Flawless, literally. You don't need that much to begin with, but with that little dab, it provides such great coverage and for what it's worth, they're really great products side by side. 

BECCA Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone: Again, mentioned before, I love highlighters. I never leave that step of highlighting out because I am that much in love with how instantly fresh and glowing you look. I've accumulated a few already and now I added a new one to the collection. I heard about this particular highlighter by watching Nikki Tutorials on YouTube. She says it's her ultimate favourite,  and I loved what I saw when she would use it, so why not? Next thing you know I own it and boy is it beautiful. It's shimmery, pigmented and it definitely gives you glow to whole other level. I am obsessed. 

Aldo Shoes, Aceidia heels in the colour Bone: Okay yes, another pair of shoes! I can't help myself! I've been on this long, hard search for the perfect nude heel. Something that was comfortable (hence why I got this, the kitten heel!) but something that was sleek, simple, and had a certain edge. Something that can be worn with anything and everything. So I think I found them! I love the fact they have that reptile detail, which adds that edge, but it's not too over the top. It also has that pointed toe that gives off that sleek and classic appeal.

What was also important was that it wasn't a high of a heel. I have my fair share of high heels, and I guarantee you, after a couple of hours I'm off wearing my flats that I bring along with me when I do. These ones add a bit of height but at a comfortable level.  Also when I tried them on upon delivery, I felt so good in them. Shoes have that effect, and I can't wait to wear them with pretty dresses but also casually with my boyfriend jeans.

And there we have that, my recent favourites! I think I covered it all and pretty sure I'm off to do another one of these posts soon because, your girl did some shopping damage. If you follow my Instagram, you can see some mini hauls here and there. Shop now, cry later is what I do. See you in the next post! 

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